Letters - June 18, 2014

The Courtfield Restaurant at Blackpool and the Fylde College.
The Courtfield Restaurant at Blackpool and the Fylde College.
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Excellent students

Great food

As regular lunchtime diners who frequented the Courtfield Restaurant on the sixth floor of Blackpool and the Fylde College, can we say a big thank you to all the students and supervisors, both in the restaurant and the kitchen, who made every meal so memorable.

We are saddened it is now closing and will reopen in November in a much smaller area.

We sincerely hope, in the decision to make changes, those in authority do not forget the heritage and history of this restaurant.

We hope the display cases proudly showing all the cups and awards the students have won over these many years are not destined for the skip.

We hope the original oak fire surround and original ornate leaded windows panels that were brought out of the old Courtfield restaurant in Hornby Road are preserved.

Their loss would be a poor testament to the memory of the many fine catering students who have passed through the college doors.

Change in any industry is inevitable but should not be done if it simply as a cost cutting process.

The reputation of the Courtfield Restaurant was renowned throughout the country.

We would like to say a special thank you to Michelle, who was always on hand to help with reservations and queries, also thanks to the lunch time supervisors Alena, Lisa, 
Judith and not forgetting 
Carol in the kitchen.

They genuinely cared for their protégés and it was inspiring to see the students’ confidence and skills slowly develop under their professional guidance and tutelage.

We look forward to seeing you all again in November in your new restaurant and wish all, students and supervisors alike, good luck.

Thank you for your care, 
attention and, of course, some amazing food .

Paul and Marian Siddall

Hayfield Avenue


Editors note: A spokeswoman for Blackpool and the Fylde College said the restaurant would be closed as normal for the summer with an announcement due soon on new plans for the venue.

Cheaper properties

Uplift areas

Why should Coun Gillian Campbell automatically assume the low prices of investment properties will bring bad landlords from London where Blackpool will look comparatively very cheap? (Gazette, June 2) What buyer from anywhere would wish to pay other than the lowest price?

It should be welcome news because almost 
always, at the time of new ownership, the greatest amount of renovation will occur on their newly 
acquired enterprise.

This means an immediate uplift from many an ‘eyesore’ property, resulting in better business within the local economy.

But then Coun Campbell is one of many in our council who believe treating landlords as a penal colony through an increasing list of penalties and punishment threats means moving forward.

I know the landlords licence scheme has had a very negative effect on both landlords in ownership and reduction of potential new buyers in the affected area.

Add to that, since this year, landlords now pay full council tax on their empty properties.

Sadly, Coun Campbell’s comments clearly indicate just how little she and her colleagues know how tough it is to be in business in a heavy recession and how much tougher they make it for Blackpool businesses.

So I say welcome to buyers from all corners of the country, as those of us who have a finger on the ‘real button’ know it’s all good news!

Chris Wiseman

South Shore

Thanks for treatment

Medical care

I find myself compelled to put pen to paper to express my 
appreciation of my treatment at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

I had two minor strokes last week and on my first visit was treated by two friendly nurses and a brilliant consultant.

The ambulance crew were also pleasant, caring and all with a big smile.

During the second visit, despite an overcrowded A&E, I was attended to immediately.

Although I had a fairly long wait to see a doctor (not a complaint), I could see for myself what the staff were up aganst.

Drugs, a malingerer, no spare beds and police visits.

Mr Denis Lane

Little Tongues Lane


Other use for deck chairs?


I don’t think Blackpool 
Council should have sold off all those deck chairs.

They could have kept a couple of hundred and placed them on the perimeter of Plymouth Road roundabout.

Then, frustrated motorists could nip out and take the sun while waiting for the lights to change.

Also the poor ice-cream man who has been turfed off 
Cleveleys promenade could have his ice-cream van 
relocated to the centre of the roundabout. Just a thought...

Mike Picewicz

Warbreck Hill Road