Letters - June 17, 2011

John Mcphee - former balckpool fc player'1967
John Mcphee - former balckpool fc player'1967
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I WAS watching Waterloo Road on TV and enjoying it when, all of a sudden, there was this magnificent view of wonderful beaches, Prom, blue seas and then all the fun of the Pleasure Beach.

Blackpool will never go under, it will go up, up and shine for ever.

So off I went the next day and walked along the Prom, and, passing one of the hotels, I started speaking to this very cheery little guy who was sitting on a bench outside.

It turned out he owned the hotel.

I couldn’t believe my luck.

His name was John McPhee, a famous Scottish footballer, who played for teams all over the country, including Rangers, Bolton, Blackburn, and, I couldn’t believe it, he played at Bloomfield Road, for my beautiful Blackpool. I was so happy when I got home, he made my day.

One of his friends was Stan Mortenson.

It could only happen in Blackpool.


Ashfield Road


IN this age of complaints, I think it only fair that credit be given for a job which we consider well done and show some appreciation, whether it be verbal or, in this case, in writing.

One job to which I refer concerns the grassy area adjacent to Layton Medical Centre.

We have resided in this house for 36 years, and, not since the early years, has this particular area been in such lovely condition due, in no small part, to those responsible for its cutting etc.

A matter of pride in the job is obvious – so well done.

It’s a pity that the saplings planted some years ago were vandalised – but there go, enough said about that.


Kingscote Drive North


MAY I say that anyone who thinks Blackpool is all fish and chips, and kiss me quick hats, has not visited The Sands venue. The food, entertainment, venue and staff are all excellent.

I would like to say a big thank you to them all and will certainly be returning. Keep rocking!




SINCE the launch of Animal Aid’s Race Horse Deathwatch website (www.horsedeathwatch.com) just over four years ago, more than 700 horses have been killed on British racecourses.

Fatalities occur at an average rate of one every other day on Britain’s 60 racecourses.

On June 1, eight-year-old gelding Katalak broke a leg while racing at Fontwell, and, within hours, three-year-old filly Sobea Star was destroyed at Ripon in Yorkshire.

For more information on racehorse deaths or to order a horse racing information pack, please visit www.animalaid.org.uk or call (01732) 364546.


Horse Racing Consultant

Animal Aid