Letters - June 15, 2015

Heritage 21 bus to the zoo
Heritage 21 bus to the zoo
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Had to walk

I have returned home today after a short break in Blackpool with my parents who are both elderly and not exactly the most agile of people.

As it was such a lovely, sunny day on Tuesday we decided to take a trip to the Zoo and possibly Stanley Park.

Uncertain where to catch the bus, I went into the bus timetable office near British Home Stores to ask their advice.

I was told there was no bus during the week at this time of the year, and that the only way to get there was to catch a bus to the hospital, which I think was the number 2 and then I was told it was a short walk from there.

We got off the bus at the hospital and asked somebody directions to the zoo, and set off walking. Well, what a walk it was with two elderly people in warm weather.

Imagine my surprise, and dismay when we finally arrived at the zoo, half an hour later to see a lovely old bus at the bus stop outside the zoo, heading to Blackpool Tower.

I looked in the bus shelter and the timetable made it quite obvious that the number 21 runs daily apart from Monday and Friday to the zoo, direct from the Promenade near Blackpool Tower.

Further investigation proved that this service is not operated by the main bus operator, but an independent company who run other services in the area.

Needless to say we caught this lovely old bus back into Blackpool, and found the conductor to be lovely, friendly and helpful.

What a pity that visitors are not informed of this service at the bus timetable office.

It may be operated by another company, but visitors should be given the correct information, regardless of who runs the service, and

I don’t suppose the zoo would be happy to be losing customers either through incorrect information being provided?





Direct link

It is a delight to see iconic rear loading buses operating again in Blackpool by a private company Classic Bus.

The number 21 service from The Tower to the Zoo via Stanley Park is one of the longest routes operating in Blackpool.

Heritage buses are a perfect tourist attraction for this route.

Unfortunately since Blackpool Transport Services (BTS) no longer operate this route Monday to Friday, it has been reported and claimed that visitors have received conflicting information from the town centre bus information office there is no longer a bus that operates directly to the zoo.

These claims have been reported from passengers of all ages of which some have been elderly and disabled.

Blackpool Council, which wholly own BTS, is duty bound to demonstrate good ethics and standards with the Public Transport bus network which operates throughout the Fylde coast.

Although BTS is technically and legally operated as a separate arms length company, it is not a privately owned independent company you would find in the ordinary sense.

BTS is in fact one of the last remaining municipal transport undertakings left in the UK following the deregulation of the bus network in 1986.

It is fair to say with the rich and unique history of Blackpool Transport they have had ample opportunity over the years to capitalise on show casing and operating heritage vehicles .

The bus network, regardless of its separate operating companies, or the routes they cover, or the size of the company, needs to work in unison for the good of the town.

And to promote a public transport service to enable the resort to move forward and attract greater tourism and improve the town centre footfall.

Heritage buses and trams play a big part of Blackpool’s past, its present and its future should one day a transport museum come to fruition.


Abingdon Street



Tied up

Now the weather has improved, I have noticed more people are taking their dogs out shopping with them and leaving them tied up outside shops unattended while they do their shopping.

If this is something you do, then please be aware that dog thieves can take your dog in full view of the general public without anyone knowing they are not the owner.

Please consider leaving your beloved pet in the safety of its own home in the future when you go out shopping.

It’s just not worth the risk and the heartache it would cause for both you and your dog, should you come out of the shop and find it gone.


Moor Park Avenue




I don’t understand why more people don’t pick up their litter.

It is particularly annoying when you see people dropping it out of car windows while they are driving along.

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