Letters - June 15, 2012

Drug dealing on the street. Posed by models
Drug dealing on the street. Posed by models
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AN 84-year-old woman can spot a drug deal, and note the plurality of her words. Drug deals (Letters, June 11).

Hard drugs are the scourge of the country and the police just don’t have a grip on the situation – the woman is right: “It’s as if they can do as they like”.

Coun Blackburn told The Gazette (same edition, different story) “There is an awful lot of stuff going on”. He’s not wrong.

We throw millions at social care, but it seems to me they have the cart before the horse.

There are many in this town who cannot feed or clothe their children, but they can always find money for hard drugs (or alcohol).

When those children become neglected and are desperate for love and affection, there are those that will prey on them.

The United Kingdom’s deputy children’s’ commissioner, as I write, says the Rochdale grooming case is the tip of the iceberg.

Drug deals are happening daily, and in Blackpool this means right under old women’s noses.

National Service would be a good start. Clamping down on law breakers and handing out sentences that will deter wrong-doers is the only answer.