Letters - June 15

memory lane then and now'Oxford pub'1963 pic taken by late Alan Stott
memory lane then and now'Oxford pub'1963 pic taken by late Alan Stott
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READING Memory Lane (Saturday June 11), I saw what had been done to the Oxford Hotel. It puts me in mind of the sentiment behind the song Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell. Or to mix a metaphor from Oscar Wilde, “They know the cost of everything and the value of nothing”.

It made me weep to see the picture, supplied by historian Ted Lightbown, of a dignified building reduced to a row of terraced houses.

Gone is the balustrade on the roof, gone are the imposing bay windows and gone is the grand entrance porch, along with the local Catterall and Swarbrick connection.

What we are left with is a ruin of a once proud building, with a plastic banner attached to the front.

No wonder breweries are struggling if they are run by a set of brewing and architectural philistines.

Thank goodness for real ale and micro breweries. They are the repository of a proud British brewing tradition. By enhancing the quality of beers, they are keeping part of our heritage alive by preserving old pubs. Long may they reign.


CAMRA member


WITH reference to D. Bracken (Letters June 13), who expresses what will be the fears of many, regarding the attraction of creatures to slop in green bins.

My wife and I were, this spring, disturbed by small creatures who entered our house, due to, or not, the contents of external bins, and we felt forced to rid ourselves of them as kindly as possible, using a bait which thins their blood and leads to heart attacks in mice. The process took five or six weeks to eradicate them completely.

There was no charge from the contacted authority, as they could see that all that could be done was being done.

Later, we discovered there is a small appliance which can be plugged into a mains socket, which radiates a shrill whistle that cannot be heard by us humans, but is heard by them and makes them feel so uncomfortable that they will move on.

To tap out pest control on the internet will give leads, the cost is reasonable and can be supplied to keep anything from ants to a deer from taking up residence.



I AM dependent on the WyldeFyre bus to go to the medical centre.

I have had a stroke and have a problem with my feet and so need to travel every week for medical attention.

Living on my own, I rely on the bus.

We all depend on the bus and I hope we can keep it because it is our lifeline.