Letters - June 14, 2013

GOLDEN YEARS The Green Room Players - the cast of Hay Fever in 1950. From left: Dorothy Bolton, Bernard Lewis, Marjorie Higham, John Benson, Constance Korris, Neil Kendall, Pauline Ainsworth, Eileen Cook and Bernard McNamee.
GOLDEN YEARS The Green Room Players - the cast of Hay Fever in 1950. From left: Dorothy Bolton, Bernard Lewis, Marjorie Higham, John Benson, Constance Korris, Neil Kendall, Pauline Ainsworth, Eileen Cook and Bernard McNamee.
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Stepping out

Good to see 
amateurs on a professional stage

I was delighted to read that Poulton Drama Company is appearing at the Grand Theatre this week in Stepping Out.

I am particularly pleased because I believe that this is the first major amateur company to play in this beautiful theatre with a straight play since the heyday of my company, The Blackpool Green Room Players.

We played for full weeks including two shows on Saturday evening in between the 1950s and 1970s.

This was all in addition to our many drama festival successes across the country.

I just hope the cast of Poulton Drama Companyhas as great a time as the many Green Room Players did back in the day.

When you bear in mind that they are performing on the very boards as theatreland’s greatest – like Margaret Lockwood, Beatrice Lillie, Ian Carmichael, Michael Wilding and Irene Handl – they surely could not fail.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore

Stanley park

Not the best 

Having a walk round Stanley Park this morning (June 11) at around 11am, I was amazed at all the rubbish everywhere.

I have never seen so much and I can’t imagine what a 
visitor would think.

I did see three police cars and a van touring the park.

If they were looking for the yobs who are doing all the damage, I’m afraid 11am is the WRONG time.

Perhaps seven at night would do more good, but then at that time they will be “uptown”.

John Scholey



Protecting guide dogs

A perfect 

I have been a guide dog owner for almost 40 years and the great joy and wonderful help my six beautiful dogs have given me has made my life just perfect in every way possible.

They are well trained by the most wonderful people who have dedicated their working lives in training these wonderful dogs for people such as myself.

These wonderful four legged friends have helped me to work, travel to different areas – which was one of the most wonderful things in my life.

All who have sight difficulties have been given a completely new way of life, and I know we all feel that way about our dogs.

There has been a debate in parliament about terrible attacks by uncontrollable dogs on guide dogs.

The guide dogs in question have been badly hurt.

The guide dog owner has had to face terrible distress, some of the poor guide dogs have had to finish their wonderful work because of such attacks.

My life with my beautiful dogs has made me feel so safe and secure.

My heart bleeds for the blind person and their beautiful dog that has had to suffer such diabolical treatment.

My guide dog years have been spent here on the Fylde, where my dogs have been admired and praised for the wonderful work and help they give to those of us who have sight difficulties.

All our dogs our micro-chipped and hopefully the law will ensure that all dogs will have to have the same in the future.

Alma Swarbrick

Oxenholme Avenue


Pact meetings

Why are there none where I live?

Every week in The Gazette there are reports from various Pact meetings detailing the issues which the local residents feel are a concern and need special attention.

Every area seems to have a meeting and the date and venue are usually published prior to the event.

I noticed recently that Rossall residents were to hold one in the afternoon in a car 

I do think that Pact meetings are an important function and give the residents a platform to express their concerns.

Could someone please explain why there are no Pact meetings in Thornton?

Given the density of population I believe we warrant one.

We have contacted the police on numerous occasions but still the meetings do not 

We have even suggested to the police that given the number of elderly residents it may be preferable to have a meeting during the day.

Residents of Thornton have similar concerns as other areas and as such need a platform to express their concerns to the relevant bodies.

P Jenkins

Fleetwood Road North


Pollution of the coast

Could blame lie with landfill?

A possible answer to the pollution of our bathing waters is nothing to do with seagull droppings, nor dog dirt nor even the muck from the donkeys. What we do have are landfill sites on the River Wyre, skirting Fleetwood and Thornton, and another at the other end of the Fylde peninsula on Clifton Marsh.

Is it not possible substances could leech out during rain and find their way into the ebbing tide, depositing material on vulnerable beaches?

John Simpson

Caunce Street