Letters - June 13, 2014

FOREIGN COUNTRY They'll do things differently there, from credit card costs to VAT and tax residency alowances ... all of which will have a knock-on effect on Blackpool, says one reader
FOREIGN COUNTRY They'll do things differently there, from credit card costs to VAT and tax residency alowances ... all of which will have a knock-on effect on Blackpool, says one reader
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Scottish independence


I liked the recent Blackpool Tower story about its 120th anniversary.

But what will draw tourists from Glasgow in the future?

Let me give you my worry: It is Blackpool and Scottish visitors.

Would the tens of thousands of Glasgow visitors still continue to come and cross the border in such numbers if the Scottish 
referendum results in a vote for independence?

First, it would mean a Scottish mobile would be on international calls in use in Blackpool.

The credit card to pay your bill in Blackpool would be a foreign credit card with extra fee for use outside Scotland.

If you want to send a 
postcard, well, that is a foreign stamp to another 
European country to go back to Scotland.

Then think of the coach holidays to Blackpool.

Tourists will realise booking in Scotland paying Scottish VAT is different from Blackpool (rest of UK) VAT.

This will be a headache for small hotels and 

And what about the drivers? The coach driver has to watch how many days he stays in England on the tours since, if he spends more than 183 days in England, the driver loses his Scottish tax residency.

This does not sound much like ‘Yes We Can’, but more like tens of thousands of Scottish people drifting away from Blackpool.

Do the Scottish visitors realise this?

Phillip Rice

(Northerner living in London)

Damage to St John’s Square


I am pleased to see more of the empty shop premises being occupied in St John’s Square, the latest of which being the Subway Sandwich Shop next to the Winter Gardens main entrance.

However, I do hope that the large irregular patch of black asphalt outside the shop is only temporary.

Some kind of underground repair outside the shop front may have been necessary, but after all the time, effort and millions of pounds that were spent on renovating the square only a few years ago, the finished repair looks like a total botch. Surely it wouldn’t take much effort to replace the block paving which was taken up to do the job.

The beauty of this sort of block paving is that it can be taken up and then put down again, so it shouldn’t even be necessary to buy more paving to complete the job!

Helen Back

North Park Drive


I think it is a disgrace that whichever utility company or contractor has dug up the lovely cobbled (very expensive) area, has been allowed to replace it with asphalt. Does anyone else feel angry the council has allowed this. Now there is also work being 
carried out opposite the Grand Theatre. Will this massive whole also be filled in with asphalt? Great way to showcase the town’s cobbles after such a short time from completion.

Fran Griffiths

(by email)

Too soft on crime


In answer to the query in The Gazette ‘Is the law too soft on violent crime?’ – the answer is a resounding yes.

There are recent examples on all sides, starting with the local off-licence owner battered by a hammer-wielding thug. They were given a 
laughable two-year 

On the same day, the 
national press reported an even more ludicrous sentence after a bride-to-be, aged 20, was killed by a lorry driver viewing his phone while doing between 50 and 55mph.

Her 19-year-old boyfriend received severe head injuries in the same incident, and the sentence, just five years.

At the very least it makes me wonder just what judges are thinking of when these clearly inadequate sentences are 

The old saying ‘the law is an ass’ couldn’t be truer in such instances.

The more MPs ‘bray’ for 
either tighter laws or more 
reliable judges, the better!

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue

South Shore

Medical staff were great


There have been a lot of bad 
reports about Blackpool 
Victoria Hospital and the ambulance service, but I found out just how good both those services are a couple of weeks ago.

I had two veins burst in the bottom of my leg.

Most times my wife has been able to stop them bleeding, but not this time.

My son phoned for an ambulance, which was with us in seconds, with two very fine young men who were very kind and understanding.

They got me to A&E in no time at all.

I was looked after by a staff nurse and later a very nice doctor.

A&E was very busy that night but the staff did see to everybody in a very caring way, and no matter how busy they were, they took time to put you at ease.

Geoff Mann