Letters - June 13

Councillor Peter Murphy, portfolio holder with responsibility for waste
Councillor Peter Murphy, portfolio holder with responsibility for waste
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COUN Peter Murphy, Wyre Council’s portfolio holder for waste, is pictured scraping a plate into a green bin (Gazette, June 8) and describes the call to recycle our food waste as “a tiny change for residents, nothing more than putting their leftovers in a different bin”.

At least when the food was destined for the grey bin, it was first put inside individual bin liners sealed up in the kitchen.

According to the latest issue of Wyre Voice, we are now expected to either dispose of food directly into the green bin or, at best, first wrap it up in newspaper, which will surely attract the attention of ants etc. Not to mention the stink.

Will Coun Murphy waive the not inconsiderable charge when residents start ringing his pest controllers to tackle infestations brought about by all this slop in our green bins?

And when is Wyre going to allow us to recycle one of the most popular pieces of plastic – the humble yoghurt pot?

That would be more than a tiny change for residents.



Travel grants for veterans

I AM writing to you on behalf of World War II veterans who, due to a lack of advertising, may not have been aware that in 2010 financial grants, Heroes Return II, were available from the Big Lottery Fund to enable veterans, male or female, to pay a visit of remembrance to the theatre of war that they were involved in.

It appears the number of veterans claiming these grants were far less than anticipated, resulting in these grants being extended to December 31, 2012.

It would be extremely helpful if you can find space in your newspaper to make these details known, so that veterans, who will now be aged at least 80, may still take advantage of these grants and plan a visit.

The grants range from £150 to cover travel and accommodation for veteran, spouse and carer, within the UK, £1,300 to Northern Europe and £5,500 to the Far East.

These grants are also available to widows and widowers of veterans.

As I have received a grant for a visit I made last December, I would be more than willing to advise any of your readers on how and where to claim.




(tel 01773 853 181)

Tram repairs are off track

HAS anyone actually seen anyone working on the tram tracks?

We usually go into town shopping about three times a week, and have only ever seen two or three men strolling around. The same applies to the repairs on the Anchorsholme Lane Crossing.

Perhaps the next excuse will be the discovery of a rare family of earthworms which cannot be disturbed.

When Eddie Stobart’s company can rebuild a railway bridge overnight, moving tons of earth, and have the trains running on time the next day, it makes you think, doesn’t it?