Letters - June 12, 2015

Launch of new buses for Blackpool Transport
Launch of new buses for Blackpool Transport
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Blackpool Transport

Palladium buses are not a bright idea

What brainbox, sat in an office earning thousands, and probably driving a car, had the bright idea of putting the new Palladium buses on the 5 route ? Since the buses are a foot wider and two feet longer, Lindale Gardens is now out of bounds to buses.

I now have to walk three times further carrying heavy shopping, and have the joy of standing in a wind tunnel known as Squires Gate Lane.

Launch of new buses for Blackpool Transport

Launch of new buses for Blackpool Transport

This is supposed to be a service, so the customers should be put first! Why not put the new buses on the 1 route and get Lindale Gardens back in use ?

To add insult to injury, all week these buses have travelled in pairs in both directions... are they afraid to be on their own ?

A copy of this letter has been sent to Blackpool Transport.

Mrs Lee

Faringdale Avenue

South Shore


It’s time for the Tories to act

Since the General Election, a number of reader’s letters have criticised the financial support the trade unions gave to the Labour party.

Yet all parties rely on finance provided by their supporters.

Nationally the Tories always can, and do, outspend other political parties during an election period.

Yet right-wing critics prefer to ignore the huge donations from the banks and hedge funds, added to those from other sources, which total far more than all the union contributions added together.

The Conservative party in Blackpool North and Cleveleys were able to produce glossy literature which is expensive - then often, if not always, have it commercially delivered, for several years before the election.

This could not have been paid for by members’ subscriptions, but from generous donations.

I understand much was from Lord Ashcroft.

We now see the Tory government discussing where to make swingeing cuts which affect working people disproportionately.

So many people are on the minimum wage that any cuts to benefits for those in work will create poverty.

It has already been acknowledged these proposed cuts will push something approaching one million households with children below the poverty line.

If, or when, these proposed cuts become a reality, to protect the low paid they should accompany an increase in the minimum wage to the living wage standard.

Also those on zero hours contracts should be re- classified as in part-time work and given proper contracts. Then the government should look again at taxation avoidance and address that issue resolutely.

Jack Croysdill


Blackpool North/Cleveleys Labour Party


High praise for the staff at the Vic

After being rushed into Blackpool Victoria Hospital again, last Tuesday, I must put on record my thanks and say what a fantastic shining example for our NHS Victoria Hospital is.

From my GP organising admittance, A&E, Acute Medical Unit and Ward 19, all the staff including doctors and nurses, and staff at all levels, to the people that bring the daily papers round, they all make your stay the best it can be.

What a great job you all do.

Thank you once again for getting me back on the road to recovery.

I would definitely urge everyone to support our NHS and BVH.

Chris Joy

By email


Thanks to all who Zumba-ed together

Huge congratulations must go to all those who took part in the amazing charity Zumbathon at St Annes YMCA at the weekend.

Leigh Hamilton and ZumbaSuzy, with guest instructors, led the Zumba fans into a two-hour Zumba frenzy, raising funds for Pear Tree School in Kirkham and Homestart Fylde.

Simply Disco DJ-ed the event with amazing lights, while FY8 Events provided the stage all free.

There was such amazing support from everyone present.

Huge thanks to St Annes Beach Huts and the Bedford Hotel in St Annes for providing the raffle prizes.

It was a ‘Zumbatastic’ event enjoyed by all.

I am so proud to have assisted with this event, and indeed taken part.

Special thanks must also go to our esteemed town crier, Colin Ballard, for his brilliant support.

Andrew Noble

Derbe Road

St Annes


Missing the point on our MPs’ salary

The forthcoming rise in pay for members of parliament, a rise authorised by the independent body IPSA, has provoked reaction for and against.

It has been pointed out that MPs are paid less than many other professional people, for example, headteachers.

They are also paid less than police and crime commissioners. However, in this case the scandal is not that MPs earn less, it is that PCCs are paid far too much.

Dr Barry Clayton