Letters - June 12, 2014

The refurbished Vista at the Devonshire Road Rock Gardens.
The refurbished Vista at the Devonshire Road Rock Gardens.
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Rock gardens

Well done

As a regular visitor to the Devonshire Road Rock Gardens I have watched the steady rebuilding progress of the viewpoint structure with interest.

Will it look anything like the original building of years ago before it fell into disrepair?

After visiting the gardens on Sunday to see the finished product now that the builders have gone, I was delighted to see the transformation in all its glory.

Although the layout is a little different than the original, with an open roof aspect in the centre and new modern roofing on both ends, nevertheless it has stayed true to the style in which it was first built.

Reading the plaque on the wall dedicated to the Friends of the Rock gardens and the two 
local councillors Christine Wright and Chris Ryan, may I publicly say a massive well done to all concerned in this wonderful piece of restoration work.

This must be one of the best parks in the town, if not the North West. Well done.

J. Cook


Thanks to Wilky

Help in ring

I, too, was shocked and 
saddened to read of the passing of Wilky Dee.

I found him to be a warm and friendly guy.

My name is Shak Khan and I’m a pro/submission wrestler and have been for the last 25 years.

I met Wilky Dee about two years ago. He was on crutches in Blackpool and he called me over and he said he recognised me, as he was a big wrestling fan, and had followed the wrestling scene in Blackpool in his era,in the 60s,and 70s, watching Jack and Dominic Pye at the Tower.

He said he had watched me and other wrestlers performing in Blackpool.

He asked me for an 
autograph and I signed a poster of me and also gave him a wrestling DVD.

He said that I needed a catchy name for the 
wrestling business, such as Sheik Khan.

Last year, I got a call from a promoter saying the Welsh champion was coming up to take part in an event and wanted to challenge me for my official world belt.

I wasn’t too much up to it, with my back giving me trouble, but the promoter said your opponent is 20 years younger than you, he’s a mixed martial artist and is eager to fight.

So I agreed, started training, and on the day as I entered the ring, I looked out into the crowd and saw a person holding a sign up with the words Sheik Khan.

I immediately walked through the rows of spectators and asked if I could take this sign into the ring.

As the challenger made his way to the ring, the whole place was chanting Sheik Khan!

In the first round I had my opponent submitting as I had him in a shoot / submission move.

I’m a big believer in 
karma and if only I had taken time out to thank this great man.

I will always be grateful for him being a gentleman and kind and considerate.

Shak Khan

Central Drive


Stamp collectors

Get in touch

I am a former resident of Blackpool and married a girl from there in 1955.

Yes, we are still married.

I am a philatelist and would like to make contact with others from Lancashire. I collect stamps from Great Britain, British Commonwealth of Nations, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

I also have many postal stamps from other countries around the world.

Roy Taylor

P.O. Box 192, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, E1C 8K9


Sharing tram travel cost


I write to clarify some points raised by Coun Peter Gibson (Politically Correct June 5) about Wyre residents no longer being able to use their NoW cards on the trams. The government funding received by Lancashire County Council and Blackpool Council for 
concessionary travel only applies to bus travel.

The free travel on the trams which NoW card holders have enjoyed since 2011 has been entirely discretionary and has come from the budgets of LCC and Blackpool Council.

LCC contributed £36,000 towards funding free travel on Blackpool’s trams for NoW card holders but the majority of the cost was borne by Blackpool.

There is no way we could 
afford to make up the difference, particularly as the county council is faced with savings of £300m over the next four years, due to unprecedented government cuts.

In spite of those pressures, we are still keen to reach a compromise and have told Wyre Council that we are willing to share the costs of reinstating free tram travel for NoW card holders from Wyre.

We are, of course, continuing to fund the mandatory scheme to allow free travel on the buses for Now card holders, who are able to use the very regular service between Fleetwood and Blackpool as an alternative to the tram, and have been doing so in great numbers.

County Coun Jennifer Mein

Leader of Lancashire 
County Council