Letters - June 12, 2013

Crowds on Blackpool beach and promenade
Crowds on Blackpool beach and promenade
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Where were the trams?

Use the open tops

What a bumper weekend and what a missed opportunity for tourism

The promenade is the place where all visitors head for on a sunny day, to take in what we have on offer.

Wouldn’t it have been a plus if we had run some open top trams to add?

Getting from A to B would have been much more fun for families aboard an open topper as they take in the attractions on offer.

That stretch of promenade is the one place visitors want to add to their journey, and as such all the focus should be on giving all we have to their stay.

Sun, sand, trams, landaus and the seaside attractions are all the factors we need for a happy visit.

What a missed opportunity not to use open top trams.

Shirley Matthews

Primrose Avenue

South Shore

This weekend saw Blackpool promenade bristling with people enjoying the brilliant sunshine, but despite this there was no sign of any of the open-top trams.

I’m sure many visitors must have been wondering why not. The sun had been forecast for days ahead and surely riding along the prom in an open topper is an attraction that is unique to Blackpool, underlines it as a holiday destination .

In virtually every publicity brochure created by ReBlackpool, the council’s regeneration body, there were pictures showing open-top trams as strong parts of the vision of the regenerated promenade. It certainly seems that is something which the board Of Blackpool Transport seem to not understand.

Recently it was decided that heritage trams (which includes open toppers) would only run on bank holidays, a surprising decision that has changed the service from one extreme to the other compared to last year, despite a much better pricing and ride choice put forward by Blackpool Transport.

The board is made up largely of councillors with Ivan Taylor as chairman and despite emailing all of them on April 9 with reasons as to why that decision should be reconsidered, not one responded.

Interesting too that cabinet member for tourism, Coun Graham Cain, is no longer on the board and in fact there is no representative at all, Marketing Blackpool or otherwise, from the tourism sector on the board despite Blackpool being deemed a premier holiday resort .

Sometimes you wonder if those making this and other decisions even venture to the promenade to see the reality at the weekends.

While I am a resident I’m certainly also trying to be a voice for those disappointed visitors who once returned home after sunny days in Blackpool will probably just wonder, where were the open-top trams?

J Garnham


Support local drama

Homegrown talent in a lovely theatre

This week Poulton Drama has been given the fantastic opportunity to perform at the beautiful Grand Theatre, staging the hilarious comedy Stepping Out nightly from tomorrow until Saturday, with a matinee on Saturday afternoon.

The Grand is anxious to support local drama groups and allow the public to view quality drama at an affordable price.

Most people will recall the movie which starred Liza Minnelli and Julie Walters. Tickets are £8 and £10 – a marvellous price – and we appeal to people across the Fylde coast to come along and support us.

We need bottoms on seats and we guarantee you an enjoyable evening supporting local live theatre.

Sarah Jane Stone

Poulton Drama

Praise for hospital

Thanks for carefrom a happy patient

I recently spent two days on Ward 34 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. I would like to thank them all from the bottom of my heart as the attention of the carers was brilliant and nothing was too much for the nurses and doctors.

Maureen Walsh


Traffic planning

Roads at a standstill

Just what is it about Blackpool and car parks?

First there was the irrational closure of Central Station – we’re still dealing with the eyesore legacy of that short-sighted thinking.

Then we had the furore over the proposal to demolish the old ABC. Now they’ve only gone and converted Squires Gate Lane. What do you mean they haven’t?

Little has been said about the chaos being caused by the roadworks at the junction of Common Edge Road.

But it’s rumbled on for weeks now, despite the signs, put up at the start of April telling us to expect six weeks disruption.

Now we’re into June and there’s no sign of it ending – no traffic lights at the end of the tunnel as it were.

It’s been a masterclass in how not to do traffic planning – the finest hour surely coming when, having sat in a 20 minute queue from the Halfway House, I noticed a whole lane had been shut off to store a set of temporary lights.

It was gone four so, naturally, the workmen were nowhere to be seen.

How much longer must we put up with this ineptitude?

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