Letters - June 11, 2015

Joe Longthorne
Joe Longthorne
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What a legend

We were very privileged to be able to go to see Joe Long-thorne perform at the world acclaimed London Palladium on Sunday, May 31, and what a show it turned out to be!

A huge, excited crowd had gathered outside when we arrived, to celebrate Joe’s 60th birthday – which was displayed in lights above the entrance.

Included in the show was West End star Darren Day who was superb and Johnnie Casson brought the house down with fits of laughter.

In the second half veteran Jimmy Tarbuck very proudly introduced Joe, which brought a rapturous applause and standing ovation as he walked on.

With a 16-piece orchestra behind him, Joe gave a stunning performance, singing with great emotion and hitting all those 
monster notes he does 
so well.

Several more ovations followed as he included several hilarious vocal impersonations also, in a performance which lasted almost two hours.

Joe is truly one of the best entertainers in the world, past and present.

He has been unlucky having had several life-threatening bouts of cancer during his life, but continues to deal with it with real courage and youthful energy.

Joe, you are an inspiration to other suffers, and you are most definitely a legend.

C Hopkins,

Headroomgate Rd,

St Annes


No wee matter

Reading about some chap who was prosecuted for urinating in a doorway somewhere, made me think of the dog owners who walk past my house and seem to believe they have a divine right to let their dogs cock their leg up my wall or on my gate, hence enticing all the other dogs who come along to follow suit.

Maybe I could get these owners prosecuted or is it just another habit adding to the mess and noise they get away with scot-free ?

Time to bring back a hefty dog licence, I think.

Name and Address supplied


Save the verges

According to Plantlife International, roadside verges are the last refuge for bees and other insects as half the native wildflowers in Britain are now mostly found on these verges, having been driven from fields and parks.

Unfortunately, cutting of these verges is threatening many species with extinction.

Plantlife International states that good planning of verge cutting can preserve wildflower species without threatening the safety of either drivers or pedestrians.

Without your help, our wildflowers will continue to die out, as will many insects which depend upon them.

Please sign the petition to help them at http://www.plantlife.org.uk/roadvergecampaign

Arthur Wilkinson

Sunningdale Drive



No hiding away

The whole sorry spectacle of the in-out (shake it all about) EU debate in the House of Commons this week shows how pathetic and small minded some people have become.

This country has fought wars to safeguard our freedom and status in Europe and will, no doubt in years to come, have to do so again.

People have to realise they cannot be isolationist. The world moved on decades ago. You might hate the foreigners for some pitiful reason but you cannot just hide away from them.

In reality, there are not hordes coming over and stealing our jobs.

They come over, do jobs no-body else is willing to do at rubbish rates of pay, save up a bit and then go back home.

The EU has too many powers and far too many useless politicians.

But if we don’t take the lead there to sort it out and be fully involved, then we cannot bleat on about it.

Islamic State is causing mayhem in the Middle East. We get increased asylum seekers.

The only way is to stay at the forefront of world affairs and solve the problems at source. We cannot hide. It’s time for Britain to be great again and show a sensible leadership role in Europe instead of leaving it all to the Germans.

D Robinson



Tricky water words

This was a typical trick from Tommie William in The Blackpool Gazette last Friday on the fracking report –If you read the report it does not say “no evidence of contamination.”

It does say “No widespread effect on the nation’s water supply.” The USA is a vast area with most of it unpopulated and with hundreds of thousands of unconnected aquifers. Of course there is no WIDESPREAD effect but there are many small local effects.Communities are devastated. These ‘small’ effects, affecting a small heavily populated country like the UK, would be catastrophic! Crass stupidity if you cannot see this! The whole UK will fit three times into just Texas!

US EPA just released their report on fracking and water. No evidence of contamination but risks need to be managed with regulations. This as independent as it gets.

People should put these claims to rest.

Keith Hallam

Via email