Letters - June 10, 2014

PARKING CALL One reader says the way to bring shoppers back to Poulton was to waive parking charges
PARKING CALL One reader says the way to bring shoppers back to Poulton was to waive parking charges
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Need to treat the cause


First of all I would like to applaud the article highlighting the initiative to help combat the rise in 
domestic violence during the World Cup campaign.

It was quite shocking to read that domestic abuse reporting rose by 25 per cent during the last football campaign.

Similarly, in pregnancy, domestic abuse also tends to rise and the 
consequence can be 

Furthermore, research highlights that the victims of domestic abuse are usually subjected to numerous separate attacks before 
accepting or seeking help.

I am a specialist midwife working for Blackpool Victoria Hospital and one of the groups of pregnant women I care for is of those experiencing domestic abuse.

The services available are very good treating the effects of domestic abuse, such as helping women 
escape from the abuse.

However, I would argue that we are less effective at treating the cause.

For example, perpetrators of domestic abuse only have access to anger management programmes, which have been shown to reduce the incidence and severity of the attacks, 
unless they are convicted of the offence.

The only other option is for them to pay more than £1,000 to attend one of their own volition, but they normally do not have access to this amount of cash, so the violence continues.

This means the victims, usually women in my line of work, are subjected to several instances prior to escaping.

The men, unless they have become celibate in the meantime, frequently move on to another relationship and usually 
another victim.

I would like to set up courses in the local area for perpetrators to attend to reduce or stop the domestic abuse.

However, I fear this may never be funded due to the cuts to services across the region.

However, reading your article gave me hope that those people listed in the article, along with the football club, may be interested to work in partnership to get this idea up and running, so to speak.

Ian Kemp

Specialist Midwife

Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Parking should be free

No change

I recently read that the powers-that-be are trying to get shoppers back to Poulton.

It is years since I last went shopping in Poulton and the reason is very simple.

The council introduced car parking charges.

My feeling is that if they want my business then I want free parking.

However, last week I relented and parked in the Teanlowe car park in the main square, but when I went to pay for a ticket the information on the machine stated ‘no change given’.

I returned to my car and 
immediately drove to Deepdale retail park, where parking is free.

It will be years until I consider returning to Poulton again.

Ray Willicome

Mayfair Drive


Vicarage Lane junction


I read with interest the 
article that outlined the highway chief’s pledge on the 
future of the resort’s roads and was re-assured by Coun Jones’s opening statement “No more mistakes” and yet we have another ‘mistake’ when new traffic lights were installed at the junction of Waterloo Road and Vicarage Lane.

I was concerned that the powers-that-be got the Watson Road/St Annes Road junction wrong when they 
renewed the traffic lights there and now they have 
repeated the error at the Vicarage Lane site.

Prior to the alterations, the traffic from Whitegate Drive and Preston New Road flowed smoothly into Waterloo Road or Vicarage Lane.

Now that they have changed the sequence of the traffic lights we have finished up finding it difficult to exit from either Newhouse Road, or the HSBC/ Marton Institute drives, because there are now two red lights causing congestion when trying to travel down Waterloo Road west or Vicarage Lane.

Please, when something is working well, why does the highway chief have to go and change it, causing chaos?

Keith Gledhill

South Park Drive


Look at Milton Keynes


I think the cabinet member for highways, Coun John Jones, has got it wrong again.

What a wonderful three months we have had without the traffic lights at Plymouth Road roundabout.

There have been no hold-ups, even at busy times.

I went past on Thursday, June 5, when the schools had finished for the day and it was a quiet time of the day.

There was a queue of traffic halfway up St Walburga’s Road. As for pedestrians, there are crossings only a few yards away.

I would suggest Coun Jones takes a trip to Milton Keynes.

There is nothing but roundabouts there.

Mr Scholey

Aysgarth Court