Letters - June 10, 2011

Bill Johnson 1/5/10.'Lord of the Manor John Sergeant at Kirkham's Market Square.
Bill Johnson 1/5/10.'Lord of the Manor John Sergeant at Kirkham's Market Square.
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IT would appear our local authorities are following a mixed agenda.

Fylde is, if it is to be believed, trying to extol the virtues of Kirkham as a market town with one hand and kill it with the other (Gazette June 4).

I have lived in Kirkham all my life, and the market is an historic feature of the town.

During my lifetime it used to go across part of Church Street and part way up Poulton Street with its stalls, as per the Royal Charter, and the fair used to use the Market Square on occasion.

I am sure the cars parked on the pavements near the grammar school and Garstang Road North, Wesham, every day are a far greater danger to schoolchildren. We are only talking about one day per week and there is no reason why on market Day, the traffic order relating to the Church Street side of the Square could not be lifted.

I trust Fylde and Kirkham councillors do not wish to stop a feature which brings in trade, and will use their good office to bear on Lancashire County.

I also note the local authorities do not appear to be bothered about the monthly new market, whose cabins etc restrict parking on the square three days a month.

It could be of course that they wish to kill the Charter Market and replace it with the monthly one (surely not). I trust that common sense will overcome officialdom in this case.


St John’s Avenue


I THINK restaurant ratings are all a bit iffy... like the Michelin restaurants which in order to achieve their star ratings, have to have all the state of the art equipment installed.

I thought it was the quality of the food and the service that should count?

I feel that having proper hygenic storage and preparation of food is very important, but I don’t think because the floor is of a certain material it should affect things.

I hope any food that lands on it would be disposed of.


EVERYONE deserves to eat good quality food, prepared in safe clean surroundings.

Now having said that. Many kitchens are old, and they are in need of a desperate makeover. It is very easy for an old kitchen not to look clean.

Perhaps if these health and hygiene specialists were to have a programme in place where the organisations they worked for were to provide repayable grants, more restauranteurs would be able to up-grade their kitchen facilities.

In any event, the food service industry will simply have to work with what they have.


THIS rating would certainly put me off eating in some of these places. I think it’s good that the council is highlighting issues, and forcing places to clean up their act. There is no excuse for dirty kitchens.


THIS system has been in use, where I live, for two years, and all the decent places always have four or five stars; all the dirty looking ones are one or two.

Stop whingeing and clean your act up.