Letters - June 1, 2017

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Social media gives terrorist all he needs

In the aftermath of the horrendous events in Manchester a number of issues have and are being repeatedly debated. As someone who has taught counter terrorism here and in America, I would like to make two simple but important points.

Firstly, regarding police numbers. Doubling, even tripling, the number of police on the beat has great appeal, for counter-terrorism is first and foremost a police matter aided by the armed services in various ways. Unfortunately, massive research indicates that this will not prevent a suicide bomber who is intent on murder from carrying out his or her evil act. There is no means of stopping all those who do not value their own life let alone yours. An unpalatable fact but it has to be faced.

These people are fanatics. Normal rules do not apply. Hence, 9/11 and 7/11 and other heinous acts around the globe. I always used the analogy of Japanese Kamikaze pilots in 1944/5. Often under 22 years with no more than two weeks training these young men had a drink, wrote a loving letter home, talked of being given a wonderful chance to serve their homeland, and then proceeded to dive to their death into an enemy ship. No talk would have ever deterred them. We know this because one pilot miraculously survived and volunteered that information.

Secondly, there is much misunderstanding about radicalisation. Yes, mosques and other Muslim establishments may well be involved but the simple fact is that today it is self-radicalisation in your bedroom that is the major means of becoming radicalised. Social media has provided all that is needed.

Colonel (retired) 
Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Our hands are tied by 
political correctness

Over fifty years ago a famous politician lost his job for his famous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech. There has been many atrocity’s since Enoch Powel’s speech the latest being the Manchester bombing were 22 young lives were lost. Their crime was simply because they wanted to enjoy themselves. One life lost for every year the murderer lived.

Fast forward to the present time and a British author, journalist and political commentator by the name of Douglas Murray. I think our politicians should listen very closely to this man on ideology, on Islam, and the threat to our freedom liberty and democracy, before it is too late.

I suppose we are all part of the problem and are our own worst enemy for not standing up to this mess in the first place, however we are all governed by political correctness and brainwashed into a particular way of thinking, so it appears our hands are tied, for now anyway.

Poland is a country with very few terrorist threats - their ideology appears to be working fine for them.

Barry Carr

Rossall Gate



Don’t send Christine gifts - just the cats

Cat Rescue Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre would like to thank all your lovely readers for all the wonderful gifts and flowers sent to our founder and trustee, Christine Ashton, following her emergency admission to Blackpool Victoria Hospital last week.

Christine’s hospitalisation has resulted in some of our cats being boarded at a local cattery and cats with medical conditions being cared for at the vets. Christine has therefore asked if people could please consider donating towards these costs in lieu of sending her flowers and gifts.

In addition practical help would also be appreciated particularly at the Rescue’s shop in St Annes and anybody willing to help is asked to call the Rescue on 01253 720357.

Once again thank you to all your readers for their continuing support.

Angela Hardman

Cat Rescue Blackpool, 
Fylde and Wyre


Our history will be a melancholy picture

When the true history of this country comes to be written, it will present a melancholy picture.

The UK could have seized an influential role at the heart of Europe when the first stirrings of European unity occurred in the fifties but our deep-seated insularity prevented this and our uneasy relationship with our neighbours has continued ever since.

The referendum was of course a tragedy for the rest of the continent as well as us and the blame for this rests entirely with the right wing of the Tory party. Their unscrupulous activities have been disgraceful and the PM continues to pander to them. One way to reduce Tory dominance will be to switch to a system of PR.

Don Burslam

Address supplied


Appeal to Blackpool South MP winner

During this election campaign, I am concerned with who will represent Blackpool South in the next parliament. There are many important local and national issues at stake.

As a supporter of Catholic aid agency CAFOD, I hope that candidates of all parties in Blackpool South will consider global issues too, and commit to build on Britain’s proud record in looking outwards and working with others to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change.

We live in an interconnected world. To say we can’t help people at home if we help them abroad is to present a false choice. We are big enough to do both: it is who we are and what we stand for.

Thomas Holliday

Greenwood Avenue



I learned the 
power of prayer

I am thankful that my mother taught me to pray at an early age. I came to know Jesus after asking Him to forgive my sins and come into my life.

For 50 years now prayer has been a vital part of my life and I talk to God more than to members of my family and He is always there and ready to listen.

Not just that I have had many answers over the years.

Anne Vojtko

via email