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UB40 gig at Blackpool May 2015
UB40 gig at Blackpool May 2015
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Security staff at gig were not being fair

After reading the article “UB40 fan fury over ‘chaotic’ scenes at gig” (Gazette, May 28), I wanted to say I was disgusted.

I was at the gig and was on the fifth row. I was asked by someone behind to sit down on the first song, which I did, but the reason I was standing was that the people on the rows in front were all standing.

Having then looking around, pretty much the whole place was dancing and standing apart from about 30 people on the left hand side.

A man then went to go and tell the bouncer, who said he would escort us out the building if we didn’t sit down. This wouldn’t be a problem, but they can’t speak to people the way they did.

Their attitude stank, it was really bad manners to speak to people in that way and made people more angry.

I totally understand security had a job to do, but they had no right talking to people the way they did. Also, you can’t threaten to throw people out on one aisle when the other aisle and the centre was full with people dancing and doing the same thing, with no-one there was being asked to sit down at all.

It was clear they didn’t have enough security to carry out what they needed to do.

Also the band saw this, and said they weren’t going to stop you from dancing . The bouncers were not happy , there was only a problem with a select few out of 2,000, as they didn’t want to stand up.

I’m sorry but it wasn’t a show, or even a pop concert, it was a reggae concert, so it was expected that people got up to dance. If they weren’t happy, with that they shouldn’t have attended.

I understand what they were saying, but it holds no weight with me, my wife is disabled and in a wheelchair and for this reason, she knew it wouldn’t be the ideal venue for her to attend, as people would be dancing in the aisles.

Having spoken to many who attended the event, a great evening was had by all, and the only thing that put a downer on the night was the security staff.

I wrote this because I feel really strongly about what happened on the night and there needs to be more than one person’s opinion voiced

Brian Allibone

via email


A few girls wanted to be nearer band

In response to the article (Gazette, May 28) where Mr Power stated it was the worst concert he had attended, myself and a friend were seated on the second row from 7.30pm onwards and, yes, the crowd did get up but the only problems we saw were mainly by maybe half-a -dozen different girls who, after a few drinks, wanted to get nearer to the band.

One lady on the front row thought it was her space alone, kept complaining to security and did tangle with another girl at one point, but to say it was a terrible, out of control concert is very wrong.

I’ve been going to the Opera House since the ’60s and it’s always been safe. The only comment I would make is perhaps there wasn’t enough security at the front, unlike when Dylan was here and you couldn’t even stand without being told.

I’m 63 and really enjoyed the show and great atmosphere and think it’s wrong to tarnish the Opera House and band for what was a brilliant show.

Paul Archer

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We should be proud to pay debts back

December 31, 2006, is a date we should all remember and celebrate , for it was on that date that Great Britain paid the last payment to the USA to complete the lend lease agreement for its for its help in the Second World War.

It was to the sum of $83.3m, which equates to £42.5m, plus a letter of thanks – no country in the world has honoured their debts to this degree.

Great Britain is billions of pounds in debt, that is a given, and we must turn this around and put our destiny back into our own hands otherwise we will go the way of Spain and Greece etc.

Our Government is refusing to bail out these countries that have been living the high life without any thought for the future and rightly so, that is their responsibility.

When the austerity measures were announced I was, to say the least, a sceptic, thinking that it was another way of making the people pay for Government failings.

Let’s be honest, under normal circumstances the austerity measures would have been a career killer for David Cameron, but many people like myself have developed an admiration for the present Government for sticking to their guns, as has been proved in the last election results. Another fact is people don’t want their Government run by unions as came to light in the election of a Labour leader.

Bruce Allen

Hawkshead Terrace, Blackpool


Sister is distraught over toy removal

I am writing in connection with the article (‘Toys removed from wall’, The Gazette, May 21).

I wanted to drop you a line to say how disgusting I think this is.

For reasons I don’t want to go fully into, my sister has a plaque there for her little boy.

Unfortunately, she has had to battle to get a plaque to have him acknowledged.

My sister now lives out of Blackpool so isn’t able to get to Carleton as regularly as she would like so our mum and myself have been going to the plaque and have taken a couple of small items.

I find it astonishing that the first that my sister knew of these things being removed was your article.

My mum went up to the shed where the items are stored on Thursday after seeing your article and the items are not there.

As you can imagine my sister is heartbroken.

The items in question were small in comparison to some there, but they are now gone.

A few months ago I took a small daffodil bulb plant up there and left it in the trough under the wall.

At the same time I purchased one for my sister and took it to her and said she could have one the same as her son had.

That has gone, also a small pirate that my sister left when she first got the plaque has gone too.

Now I do understand if the council are concerned about maybe teddies that have gone ‘manky’ due to being left there, but my sister’s items are not in that category.

Some people can not have graves to put their things on for many reasons and are not able to get there regularly to take flowers.

I think they seem to have gone too far with this.

I know your article states that this has been done after consultations, however they have not consulted with the people involved and that is the families.

I just wanted to write to let you know how upsetting this has been for my sister, she can not face it now as it is too painful.

Jo Richmond

via email