Letters - July 9, 2013

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In defence of Basil


Isn’t it time common sense prevailed and the EMRO (Early Morning Restriction Order) was ditched.

I write in defence of Basil Newby who has had numerous successful entertainment venues in the town.

Whether you like Mr Newby or not he knows what he is talking about and deserves some common decency.

He has continued to invest in the town and ploughed untold funds into these venues which in turn have created and maintained a healthy interest in various off shoots, not least the hotel and eatery businesses.

He would not have done so for over 32 years if he didn’t have faith in the town.

He could have easily, like many others, took the 
money and ran.

Night life is one of many life lines for Blackpool and to cut this service would not only make Blackpool a no visit town, it would basically kill it off.

Mr Newby has always been a great ambassador for Blackpool and I fear if he pulls out of the town, many, many more will be forced to do the same.

Give the man the respect he deserves and has earned.

Mr Philip Brierley

Edgeway Road


Funny Girls anniversary

No equal

On July 4 2013, Funny Girls celebrated it’s 19th anniversary.

Opening on Queen Street in 1994 in a former building society venue, Funny Girls burst onto the entertainment scene in Blackpool never to look back, as over the years it outgrew its home with bigger, brighter and what can only be described as outrageous comedy quips thrown in during very well rehearsed musical sketches.

Having extended the venue to its maximum, Basil then moved Funny Girls to the old Odeon cinema, a bigger place for it to continue its success.

All of the Funny Girls staff are absolutely brilliant .

From the front of house management, security staff, bar boys and girls, behind the scenes stage manager and his assistant, to the fantastic dancers and the only original member of the crew from day one (July 4, 1994 )DJ Zoe, who looks great for 25 (cough).

This brainwave of Basil Newby’s is one of the best things to have ever hit the Blackpool scene and could not be as successful without a fantastic leader and his team of assistants.

Funny Girls has often been copied but never equalled in other places and it is without doubt “a show with no equal, in a venue like no other”.

Thank you Basil for having the idea and forethought to bring this fantastic show to us here in Blackpool.

Here’s to the next 19 years of Funny Girls.

Adrian Sedgwick

Mirfield Grove


Labour government

No strategy

In response to Royston Jones (Letters, July 5), the one thing you couldn’t make up is the record of a Government that had the gall to call itself ‘Labour’.

Elected to power by a landslide in 1997 it followed Tory budget plans for its first years.

Then it took us into an illegal war.

It presided over a redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich of which any high Tory would have been proud.

It paid homage to the Murdoch empire.

It paid even bigger homage to the City of London financiers to the neglect and detriment of its own supporters which led directly to the mess that the Coalition was left to clear up.

Labour still has no coherent and credible alternative strategy to that of the Coalition but still expects to be given the keys to Government in 2015.

Be afraid people. Be very afraid.

Mike Turner

Saltcotes Road


Sandcastle Water Park

Great staff

I am writing with reference to an evening at the Sandcastle Water Park that myself and my family went to on Saturday, June 29.

Organised by Blackpool Polar Bears and Aiming Higher; the children had a fantastic time, the lifeguards were a credit to the Sandcastle.

In particular I must mention a lifeguard called Emily who took our son on all the water rides and must have spent over an hour with him.

All the children and adults were catered for and nothing was too much trouble.

Finally a huge thank you goes out to Blackpool Polar Bears and Aiming Higher for organising such a great event.

Mr and Mrs Boyes



Pineapple Jack

Nice to see

How nice it is to see Pineapple Jack back again for a new season at the Winter Gardens.

I do hope the dancers Chloe and Lewis will be there again as they are fantastic.

I have heard they will only be appearing once a month.

I hope this is not so and they will be back every weekend to entertain us with their lovely dancing.

Here’s to another good 

Brenda Bowyer

King Edward Avenue