Letters - July 7

View of the Post Office on Abingdon Street in Blackpool.
View of the Post Office on Abingdon Street in Blackpool.
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I RECENTLY went to Bolton and had the pleasure of going into their post office, similar in size and age to our former Abingdon Street post office.

But what a difference. It was light and airy and a hive of activity.

On entering, one touches a screen and receives a ticket to await one’s turn, sitting on one of their lovely settees.

My turn soon came, as all the counters were open. There was also a separate room for any private business or banking and interesting little stalls.

I believe they serve cups of tea and have a band playing.

What an opportunity was missed on closing ours.


Snowdon Close


ONCE again, the people of Fylde are told everybody will benefit from the Open Championship next year.

Investment will benefit everybody except the residents of Station Road, Wesham. We read in the paper money is going to be spent on upgrading the stations at Lytham, Ansdell and St Annes.

Station Road, Wesham, is used as a free car park for Network Rail for five days out of seven, at the expense of residents, who are unable to park in front of their homes.

Residents living close to Clifton Hospital complained to Fylde Council that they could not park outside their homes, because of people parking while visiting.

Lo and behold, after a few months of complaining, Fylde Council gave permission to an extension at the hospital car park.

People of Station Road, Wesham have been complaining for over five years about the same situation, we are still waiting for some action from the council.


Station Road


Last week, Manor Beach Primary School, in Cleveleys, held a huge picnic day where children, parents and members of the community came together.

The sun was shining and it truly was lovely seeing so many people together having a huge picnic, it could have been a record breaker.

Thanks to Manor Beach for the hard work they put in to events like this, bringing people together.

I could not have wished for my son to go to a better school.



MAY I thank everyone concerned, in A & E, coronary care, and Ward 37 at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, right, plus the Fleetwood district nurse who came to the aid of Thomas Gawne when he had his accident and heart attack.

You were all a credit to your profession.

He is now at Rossall Hospital making a steady recovery.


On behalf of Tom’s family