Letters - July 6, 2012

Armed Forces Week service at the Cenotaph.
Armed Forces Week service at the Cenotaph.
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ABOUT eight years ago, I wrote to Blackpool Council suggesting some sort of protection from the weather could be erected at the Cenotaph.

At the time I got no reply to my letter. I assumed no one was interested in the welfare of the people who attended memorial services, commemorating our military forces, past and present.

My idea, though vague as I am not an engineer, was that a structure could be put in place on the seaward side, with permanent poles which would facilitate slot-in see-through frames.

I would think the people who design the tableaux for the Illuminations could come up with something.

Now we see that a lot of expensive and laborious work is being done to accommodate entertainers on the Promenade. I don’t know who is paying for all this, but it seems to prove the priorities of those who are making a lot of money from their God-given talents are more important than our veterans and their families and friends.

The Cenotaph is used several times during the year and not just on Armistice Day.

Isn’t it time this situation was remedied?



I HAD two brilliant nights out to celebrate my birthday.

On the Sunday I went to Funny Girls and the show was amazing and there was a good crowd in.

To make my birthday special, our gorgeous DJ Zoe, pictured, presented me with a birthday cake.

If you have not been to Funny Girls then I recommend that you go and see the fantastic show.

On the Monday night (my actual birthday), I celebrated it in The Flying Handbag. It was a really good night, there was cabaret with fantastic vocalist Tracey Jordan and our gorgeous DJ Carmen playing all our favourite tunes.

She also presented me with a birthday cake. The Flying Handbag is also another good night out.

I couldn’t have had a better two nights. A big thank you to both Zoe and Carmen for making my birthday so special.


High Street


A LETTER was posted to my address on June 18 but it was short on postage by 9p which, when I received a notification card, I immediately paid the full request of £1.09.

When I looked at the date on the card it said June 25. This item was posted first class on the 18th. On going to the office, I was told even though I had to pay the full amount – the post office will hold mail for up to a week before notification.

Heaven help me if it had been urgent.