Letters - July 5, 2016

Photo Neil Cross'Blesma Home, Lytham Road, South Shore
Photo Neil Cross'Blesma Home, Lytham Road, South Shore
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We must help save the Blesma home

It is with a heavy heart that I read the article today about the doubts over the future of the Blesma home on Lytham Road (Gazette, July 2).

Being a veteran myself it really hits home. Surely Blackpool Council can get involved, as only a couple of weeks ago we had Armed Forces Week?

Blackpool Council praises itself on being there for the Armed Forces and veterans. Well, now is there chance to show it.

I am going to petition the British Legion, the Armed Forces charity the SSAFA and the RAF Benevolent Fund to see what they can do.

I will also contact my own RAF Regiment Band of Brothers, to see what they can do to help.

Perhaps The Gazette could also try to get a petition up, so the great people of Blackpool can get involved with saving the home.

Meanwhile, I will also be offering my services to Blesma.

I sincerely hope that we can keep this so vital home open for our ex-servicemen and women.

Nigel Morris

Proud Veteran


I was scammed by a woman’s sob story

Recently, I was a visitor to Blackpool and had a bad experience that you might like to warn your readers about.

I sat down to rest outside a shopping mall – close to Poundstretchers.

There was a female already sitting there and we started to chat – as you do.

I got this story that she had had a phone call at 6.30am to say that her mother had died. I commiserated. Then she went on to tell me that she had locked herself out of her flat and that the person she rented the flat from was out all day and would not be back until evening, so she could not get into her flat until the owner came with the spare key.

We chatted some more and I felt really sorry for her.

You know what is coming next! For some reason I felt the urge to give her £5 to get something to eat whilst she waited to get back into her flat.

Quite soon after that she moved away.

It was only about an hour later that I realised that I had been scammed – duped by a clever person.

This experience has not put me off visiting Blackpool, as it could have happened anywhere, and it was my own fault for not seeing through the story. She softened me up by the tale of her mother, I realise now, but life is all about helping each other.

Vera Turnbull

via email


Make use of the car parks we have here

Regarding the ongoing problems created by the work on Crossley’s Bridge, why don’t they open up the unused car park on the Devonshire Road hospital site?

Staff from the DHSS site on Warbreck Hill Road can park there. Then they can put transport on to ferry staff to work. Single and double decker buses carry a lot of passengers.

This would result in fewer cars parked in side streets, but more importantly while the work is being done on the bridge this would reduce the volume of traffic on Devonshire Road and surrounding areas, at school and work times.

Pauline Taylor

via email


Farage got the cash as he’s a celebrity

About the question ‘What’s your view on the donations’. in the Gazette, July 1. Most people attending the EU Referendum Breakfast debate at Lytham’s Lowther Pavilion in April probably leaned more towards voting Brexit.

Most people would look upon Nigel Farage as a VIP. This is why the £10,000 donations were given to him and UKIP. People giving the donations felt the money would boost the campaign and help a win for Brexit.

I sincerely hope Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, who were the two faces of Brexit campaign, will finish the job, along with the new Prime Minister. People believed in their policies and the call to take back control.

I hope they will secure an Exit deal for Britain that contains everything they want. The damage to Britain’s prosperity and to its standing in the world is already grave.

The Brexit vote has also triggered the UK break-up, due to Scotland and Northern Ireland wanting to stay in the EU. Nearly half of the British voters did not want out of the EU.

I read that in Britain new migrants from the EU contribute more to the Exchequer than they take out. Without their ideas and energy Britain would be much poorer.

P O’Connor (writing prior to Farage’s resignation)

Portland Road



We didn’t all dive in and vote any way

Is Jayne Dawson for real (Saturday Slant, Gazette, July 2)? On the very weekend when memorial services were being held all over the country for the million plus soldiers that died at the Battle of the Somme, the column made a total farce of the freedom and democracy that they fought and died for.

I would really like to know how Jayne can say “people aren’t consistent any more, they will dive off and vote any which way”.

More than 17 million people were all diving off at the same time for the same reason then? The vote in Blackpool and the Fylde was for OUT of the EU, and it makes one wonder if this article was written by a remainer who just doesn’t understand what this vote was really about.

AS Williams