Letters - July 5, 2013

National Armed Forces Day in Blackpool
National Armed Forces Day in Blackpool
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Armed Forces week


Another Armed Forces week has passed – what memories, good and bad, these once young men must have before age and infirmity claims them.

I am nearly 80 and for some years have been immersed in wartime nostalgia, my only regret not showing much interest as the years have flown.

My late husband served in the RAF from the outbreak of war, when he was 18-years-old, as an engineer based in West Africa aboard Sunderland flying boats.

Some years older than me when we married, he never said and I never asked anything about his time there and being a young woman those times had no relevance to me.

Unfortunately he died leaving me a widow, not yet 30 with our four-year -old son.

Consequently I’ve had no information to pass on about his fathers’ wartime past.

The same kind of thing happens in families when the young are busy with their own lives, and older members with their wealth of experiences of times past, start to pass away leaving many events unspoken and unsaid for ever.

Suddenly there is no-one there to fill in the gaps.

So a plea to all the young of today lucky enough to have surviving members of generations gone, forget Twitter/ Facebook and all the rest of today’s’ paraphernalia and talk face to with some of these precious old people and indulge yourselves in that old way of doing things called conversation.

I’m sure you’ll find it most rewarding .

Margaret Bennison


Art mystery

Not Banksy

Robin Ross was so excited thinking that Banksy was lurking in Blackpool due to the two pictures of the baby sat on the policeman’s hat.

He also said that he did not think there was a stencil of this image.

Well I am sorry to say 
there must be because there is the very same image on the Church Street wall of the Regent cinema.

When it was the Sand, Sea and Spray weekend my husband and I saw a man hurriedly putting the stencil on that wall while his accomplice, a lady, kept watch.

It was the fact that they both looked shifty that made us take notice really.

Because it was the artists weekend and lots of people were painting and spraying around the corner we didn’t think anything of it at the time.

Adrienne Baxter

Westgate Road

St Annes

Editors footnote: The artist has now been revealed as London-based Otto Schade (Gazette July 4)

Coalition government

Fair vote?

Do you agree with Kevan? , you ask (Politically Correct July 3). Well no.

The chairman of 
Blackpool LibDems is fed up with socialists 
slamming him for putting the Tories in power.

He says we didn’t, the electors did, and that if it was not for Mr Clegg saying no a lot, we would be far worse off.

In May 2010 the views of the British people were excluded from the debate determining the future political and economic course for our country.

The real drama being played out was up the road behind closed doors in the corridors of Whitehall, and it was the narrow self interest of senior politicians and Whitehall mandarins which won out.

An inconclusive result at the general election was hijacked.

The electorate didn’t vote for an austerity agenda, voters didn’t vote for the destruction of post Second World War gains, our NHS, welfare state, universal benefits, education for all and the rest of it.

Politicians didn’t offer this package and we didn’t vote for it, a Parliamentary upper crust decided on our behalf that the banking system was too big to fail and we too weak to matter.

As for remarks about Mr Clegg, isn’t this the one who sold all the students down the river with a set of ideas about free education only to then change course and get himself on the front bench.

You couldn’t make it up.

Royston Jones

Beryl Avenue


Staining homes plan

Refusal cost

I wish to fully support Coun Charlie Duffy (Letters, July 2) regarding the approval of the Jones Homes development in Staining.

I would also add that, had the local councillors, Coun John Singleton and Albert Pounder, put forward valid planning reasons for refusing the 
application, I would have 
voted for the refusal.

As they did not, I am aware that the refusal would probably have been appealed by the developer.

As a result Fylde Council could well have had costs awarded against them for refusing a planning application and not using valid planning reasons.

This is the reason that I abstained.

I could not support an approval of this type.

Coun Liz Oades

Kirkham South