Letters - July 4, 2014

MORE HOUSING Development at Garstang Road East, Poulton, will destroy green belt land and cause even more traffic problems, says one reader
MORE HOUSING Development at Garstang Road East, Poulton, will destroy green belt land and cause even more traffic problems, says one reader
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As I was unwell last week, I was unable to get to the consultation about the planned Garstang East 
development (Gazette, 
July 2).

However, I feel I must add my views to whatever was said on Thursday.

This is a very large development, in what I feel is a very unsuitable place.

Poulton has always been a little market town and gradually we are losing our identity.

Spreading out along 
Garstang Road East is going to destroy the green belt, and cause many people to lose the view and outlook we paid a lot of money for.

This is an area with a ‘good post code’ with 
regard to insurance, but gradually it is being taken over by ‘affordable 

This is not what I expected when I moved here 25 years ago.

There is other land, why insist on building out in this direction again?

The other big problem is traffic.

I have already spoken to powers that be with regard to unexpected increase of lorries, farm trucks and big vans now using Moorland Road, and travelling very fast down it.

It’s an impossible junction with Garstang Road East at the moment, and now they want to put another 500/600 houses in the mix.

Have they ever studied the traffic in this area? How many accidents have there been on Garstang Road in recent weeks?

Maybe it’s a done deal, as usual, but I hope the developers take notice my letter along with the comments they 
already have.

Sandra Bebbington

(By email)

Val is so approachable

Our Mayor

Blackpool’s Volunteers Week was rounded off with a thank you party for the volunteers, organised by the Volunteer Centre and held in the visitors centre at Stanley Park. The setting was perfect, with an exhibition of Blackpool in the war years.

Lynn Saggison (volunteers centre,) who is extremely enthusiastic about the hard work volunteers put in, reminded us of the fact that 30 years ago it all started off with one person and now the total is over 50.

Our Mayor of Blackpool Coun Val Haynes gave a heartfelt speech about how important the volunteers are to Blackpool.

She was passionate about how communities and Blackpool as a town 
benefits from the time 
people give and how strong the volunteering sector is now.

I personally have invited the mayor to many of Little Marton Windmill’s open events and she and her consort Alan put their heart and soul into entering into the spirit of the occasion.

She is so approachable and welcoming to all and is how my father would say, ‘genuine like the lass next door!’

Shirley Matthews

Primrose Avenue

South Shore

New RSPCA centre

Animals set for move

Through your column I would like to thank all those people who donated so generously to the local self-funding branch of the RSPCA at Tesco on the Clifton estate.

The magnificent sum of £1,080. 84 was raised, as well as several trolleys of animal food being donated.

The staff at Tesco, including the Community Champion Lynne Sumner, the security staff and the customer service staff, were all very helpful.

Not least we owe a debt of thanks to all those volunteers who stood with collection cans at the entrance to the store.

The money raised is exceptionally welcome at this time, as in August we plan to move the animals to our new 
purpose-built, state of the art animal centre in Stalmine, where the animals will be housed in much more 
appropriate accommodation.

To date, the operating 
theatre block has been commissioned and is in use, the retail/reception unit, including a large shop, staff facilities and a fullly equipped training room is complete and the staff 
accommodation, is complete.

The roads and utilities are in situ, the small ‘furries and aviary’ unit is complete, the cattery is complete.

The cat isolation unit will be commissioned next week and the large dog kennel, housing a nursery for a mum and puppies, is all but complete.

Still to complete is the second kennel block, the dog isolation unit and the dog runs and play areas.

We still have to maintain our current site at Division Lane in Blackpool, as the need for animal welfare in this area is so great.

So if anyone would like to make a donation, however small to help us complete this project, then please write to the branch manager at 
Division Lane, ring the animal centre on (01253) 763991 or follow us on our facebook page.

Once again, many thanks from all the animals entrusted into our care who are unable to speak for themselves.

They so deserve a second chance in life as many have suffered unimaginable 
cruelty and neglect .

To everyone who helped us yet again to make Tesco Week such a success our heartfelt thanks.

Ann M. Turner

(Honorary branch secretary)