Letters - July 4, 2013

Blackpool's Tower Festival Headland'Cemedy Carpet
Blackpool's Tower Festival Headland'Cemedy Carpet
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Tower festival headland

Event space

I learnt last week with interest that Blackpool Council (Marketing Blackpool) were now promoting their own events on the Tower Festival Headland.

Obviously they are struggling to find promoters to take the risk on this space due to the issues experienced in 2012 with Elton John’s concert being cut short and the subsequent cancellation of other events.

Wouldn’t that be embarrassing, creating a £14m event space that actually holds no events.

Therefore, I totally understand the council’s impetus not to lose face and dig deep themselves.

As a commercial concert promoter, I do take exception with public bodies competing in the concert market, and not least risking tax payers money.

In the past the radio stations (Radio 2, and in later year Real Radio) have provided the acts free of charge.

This year the council has failed to engage a media partner and instead decided they will pay for the act and try and sell the tickets. This is a massive gamble.

I’ve no doubt The Script will sell well, but is it really the council’s job to risk taxpayers’ money with no guarantee of tickets sales?

Also, councils are subject to VAT exemption on such items deemed as ‘culturally exempt’ and are therefore not competing on a level playing field as other concert promoters.

Perhaps it would have been more apt for the council to work with partners in 2012 for the long term aspiration of the town, rather than 
alienate those partners who, in the first instance, were prepared to take the risk on the Tower Festival Headland.

Sadly now the only person that stands to lose is 
the taxpayer.

Peter Taylor


Cuffe & Taylor

St John Ambulance

Caring crew

I would like to convey through The Gazette, my whole hearted thanks to the many people who came to my aid on Saturday when I tripped over the little wall going to see the planes in St John’s Square (opposite the Winter Gardens).

I was overwhelmed with the kindness, of the St John Ambulance crew, who were so caring, and especially the young ladies who were very concerned and went and purchased some wet wipes to clean me up.

Thank you so much everyone.

There are more good people in Blackpool than bad.

Mrs Pamela Dyer


South Shore

No patient choice

It’s a pain

I have been attending Sharoe Green Hospital, then I was transferred to Royal Preston Hospital for treatment.

This included physiotherapy and they have an excellent physiotherapy department that deals with back problems.

They have done very well for me up to recently.

But I have been told that I can’t go there any more for physio as they have not been commissioned to take patients from Fylde and Wyre as there is a facility in Fylde.

I disagree as there are not facilities in Fylde as good as Royal Preston Hospital.

It is a matter of patient choice.

Royal Preston Hospital has told me all other departments in the hospital have been commissioned to take patients from Fylde.

It’s about time the commissioning group got this dealt with.

Vernon Allen


Meddling from Europe

No to milk

We all know our rulers in Brussels take great joy in meddling in our everyday lives, whether it is dictating the size of fruit sold in supermarkets or banning insurance companies from selling cheaper car insurance for young women but it appears now that not even Milk of Magnesia is safe from busy bureaucrats.

Milk of Magnesia has been a trusted remedy for a number of digestive ailments for more than 100 years and many people in the UK and around the world confidently keep it in their cabinets.

Brussels is making up the rules as it goes along to justify its own existence and this ban on stocks of Milk of Magnesia will put the remedy firmly in the hands of black market traders.

I wonder what they will try to ban next.

Paul Nuttall


North West MEP

Human rights

US record

I’ve just been watching President Obama standing in a prison cell on Robben Island, supposedly full of emotion at the thought of Nelson Mandela languishing there for years.

At least, Mandela was put there after going through due process of the law at that time, such as it was. Yes, I know.... such as it was.

The ‘great’ United States of America has incarcerated human beings in Guantanamo Bay for many years without charge and without due process of law and no end in sight.

Obama is the last person on this earth to be thinking of anyone’s human rights.

Keith Hallam

First Avenue