Letters - July 4

Landau drivers give their opinion on the new Promenade.
Landau drivers give their opinion on the new Promenade.
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WE know every year someone is knocked down by a tram and the amount of holidaymakers who walk into the road has us on pins!

They are not only warned about trams, but the dangers of crossing barriers when the tide is in, yet the minority are still oblivious or think they are void of any harm while on holiday.

How much more can authorities mollycoddle visitors and general public apart from employing numerous amounts of staff to hold their hands?

Parents are responsible for their children, therefore adults are supposed to have common sense, but, alas, many have already envisaged fears on our new Central Promenade and the super-trams are not even on track yet.

The council is not responsible for the careless follies of visitors and locals, but if the new design is created as an open plan, then people are going to have to be aware like the majority of us have to be where there is traffic, with or without road markings and kerbs.

However, throughout Blackpool’s changing promenade history, once the Tower frontage is complete, the Comedy Carpet, Wedding Chapel and headland, this present one has got to be the best and most attractive ever.


Ashton Road


I AGREE with Barbara Wilson about the housing ladder (Letters June 6).

My neighbour passed away and her house went on the market very cheap, and needing to be done up.

My granddaughter and husband wanted it, had a mortgage ready and enough deposit and put an offer in.

But yes, you guessed it, property developing people have got it to rent out. My granddaughter was heartbroken.

Why don’t the estate agents help them more – instead of the property people?


Bispham Road


I READ with interest how Fylde Council has halved the sick leave taken by its staff, from 13 to six days per year (Gazette June 27). This has helped to save the council £682,000.

What miracle cure has the council uncovered, and can they pass it on to the rest of the country? Where would the recession be then?


South Shore

I WOULD like to thank everyone for their kindness and generosity when we held our street collection in Cleveleys on Saturday, June 25, on behalf of the Fylde Coast branch of Prevent Unwanted Pets.

We collected £112.08, which will be put to good use helping animals in need.


Prevent Unwanted Pets