Letters - July 31, 2015

Neil Diamond performs at Blackpool Football Club
Neil Diamond performs at Blackpool Football Club
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Disgusted at the small minority

I have just seen the fantastic Neil Diamond show for the second time in two weeks – he is, indeed, the diamond of diamonds (and you don’t see many of those). His voice, personality, charm, wit and kind soul just shone and the band were amazing.

Unfortunately at Blackpool too many people were drunk, walking up and down the aisles on the pitch, smoking and causing problems for security, who didn’t seem to have powers over those few who caused such a distraction to the many genuine fans.

It is such a shame when those few go to a fantastic concert and then spoil it for those who have paid good money for their tickets and want to have fun and enjoy it.

My husband and I took my 76-year-old mum in her wheelchair, as Neil Diamond is her hero and it has been her goal to see him.

She was in her element, but at times felt intimidated by these rude people, one of whom even came over to her saying ‘I love your mum, I’m a carer can I sit with her’.

The staff and stewards we met were extremely helpful in helping my mum and looking after the wheelchair for her, but clearly had a lot of problems with the few drunken rude people.

This whole experience has left me believing it would have been prevented if people were stopped from taking alcohol back to their seats, or even the serving of alcohol stopped when the show starts.

To those few, please, please show some respect for others, and especially for the amazing Neil Diamond and his band, as it doesn’t give a good impression of Blackpool and encourage the artists to come back when they see this sort of behaviour from the stage.

Denise Cartwright



Consider the views of us local people

I have to say that I find some of the comments by councillors, in response to criticisms by the council tax payers of this town,sometimes beyond belief and if I wrote to your paper each time I am left shaking my head, I think that you may have to offer me my own column!

I live very near to the altered junction of Watson Road and St Annes Road and use it several times each day. I see near misses there now most weeks, due to confusion.

As I have lived in this area all my life, I feel that I can say this junction before the changes was busy, not dangerously confusing, as it is now.

Shelagh Parkinson’s article about overgrown grass all over the place was totally accurate. What is so baffling is why the council keep accepting designs for areas, which although aesthetically pleasing initially, will then need to be properly maintained, and seldom are.

Surely we could have paid for the upkeep of these areas if less money had been wasted on enormous concrete tubs all over the place?

I was going to mention also the constant patching up of pavements, which always looks appalling. I better not add my contribution to the crumbling newly-laid block paving on the roads.

Sadly, I could go on. I do know there is an enormous amount of good work goes on in Blackpool, especially by voluntary groups.

Surely it is not too much to ask our council could be willing to consider the opinions of the council tax payers,before some of these costly mistakes are made, rather than afterwards.

Julia Seaton

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I wish Cuadrilla well in their appeal

I’m delighted Cuadrilla is appealing the decision Lancashire Council made to reject their planning applications.

The entire proceedings, from the presentations to the committee vote, were a farce.

I’m a Lytham resident, and myself and several other residents were dismayed that County Hall decided to not allow us to speak at the presentation stage of the decision-making process. We were also disappointed that the proceedings appeared to be totally weighted towards the opponents of fracking.

While people from Lytham were denied a slot to speak, those with zero connection to the area, some of whom had a vested interests and/or ideological motivations to stop the shale gas industry, were allowed to speak ad nauseam, such as Friends of the Earth.

It’s a disgrace local people were not allowed to voice their views. I wish Cuadrilla well in getting the decision overturned, as the process aimed to silence local people, and give a voice to objectors who don’t live on the Fylde. This was not local democracy but an embarrassment.

Concerned Lytham resident

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Think before you speak Mr Maynard

The MP for Blackpool North Paul Maynard and his local Tory Party members have some cheek to protest about the proposed closures of the two nurseries. Are they forgetting the huge and unfair cuts their Government are imposing on local councils?

I, like many of the concerned parents, do not want to see these nurseries closed, but the nerve of politicians like Mr Maynard is astounding, especially when he is nothing more than a cheerleader for the attacks we are witnessing on the public sector.

Next time he walks through the voting lobby in Westminster, he should think twice about what is in the best interests of people in Blackpool.

Francesca Simone