Letters - July 30, 2015

Phil Higgs
Phil Higgs
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Commissioner was not being unfair

I read with interest your “Bus Ban” headline (Gazette, July 23) and then the statement from Mr Higgs that the decision of the Traffic Commissioner was “unfair”.

What was FAR more unfair perhaps, was the plight of the many residents of the 80 & 82 Preston to Blackpool service that his Classic Bus company decided to cut without any warning after only 11 days of service at Christmas 2013, leaving residents along the routes stranded with no service at all for months.

And also “unfair” was the staff being made redundant by a letter from him and timed to be sent while he was away on holiday abroad.

What IS perhaps also “unfair” is it looks likely Mr Higgs’s staff and customers may pay the price. Sadly, that is usually the price of ignoring your responsibilities.

It may be that the appeal is successful and then it might happily be able to survive in some format, but frankly, with all that has gone on, I’m surprised it’s lasted as long as it has.

Paul Moreton

via email


Vic’s care was second to none

I have just returned home after nearly eight weeks in ward 34 ay Blackpool Vic with a broken hip, and I wish to say the care and attention by the dotors, nurses and auxiliary staff was wonderful.

They were always caring, compassionate and cheerful. I think it marvellous to have such a marvellous facility on our doorstep as Blackpool Vic. Thanks again to everyone.

Alan Hebden

Devonshire Road



We have to leave the EU for schools’ sake

That Britain needs to find secondary school places for an extra 547,000 pupils in the next ten years will dismay millions of British families.

Responsible parents expect the state to help them provide top quality education for their children, but they are currently hampered from doing so by an irresponsible government which allows uncontrolled immigration into the country, thus squeezing secondary school place availability.

I believe the answer lies with Britain becoming a sovereign nation, outside the EU, with the ability to control the numbers and quality of the people who come here.

Paul Nuttall

UKIP North West MEP