Letters - July 30, 2014

Lovely memories: The Rideability is used for shopping days out but one reader said she is missing it being used to go out for dinner
Lovely memories: The Rideability is used for shopping days out but one reader said she is missing it being used to go out for dinner
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Missing our days out with drivers

Rideability service


My letter relates to the upset caused by the withdrawing of the Rideability service for outings on a Tuesday and Wednesday, which many of the friends I made enjoyed very much.

I know the service is back for shopping purposes, but not for the outings for dinners at various places.

I saw places I had not seen before and I don’t see some of the friends I made.

We are elderly people mostly, but we enjoyed the outings and had a good laugh at times with Paddy, one of the drivers.

All the drivers were very nice and good with us.

I hope they will start again some time.

I would like to say thank you to all the drivers and staff just in case.

Mrs M.A. Thomas

Hobart Place


Where is busker?

Great visit

My daughter and I have just come back from a long weekend in Blackpool, and can I say we had a lovely time.

We did enjoy our visit to the Winter Gardens to see the lovely lights (Illuminasia), plus so many shops to visit, and not forgetting the piers.

However can any readers tell us what happened to the young chap who played guitar with his dog laid by his side?

Mr Drybrough


Animal welfare abroad

Check it out

The Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA) is encouraging holiday makers to do their homework before they go abroad, to help working animals in the tourism industry.

Thousands of donkeys, horses, mules and camels transport holiday makers on excursions every year, but despite their relentless hard work, many are poorly treated, neglected and beaten by their owners.

To help improve the welfare of their animals, their “Holiday Hooves” guide gives tourists simple tips on how to chose only healthy and well cared for animals for excursions like donkey rides, horse and carriage tours and camel safaris.

The guide also provides information on how people can complain to country tourism boards if they are concerned about animals.

To get a hold of your free “Holiday Hooves” guide call 0300 033 4999 or visit www.spana.org/tourism or write to SPANA, 14 St John Street, London, WC1N 2EB.

The hard working organisation has a membership and new members are always welcome.

Josephine Harwood


Demand for water


We have been enjoying some glorious summer heat.

We are also enjoying the use of water, so necessary at this time.

Shale gas fracking will also be using water, continuously.

Hands up those who think we cannot live without shale gas?

Hands up those who know we cannot live without water?

Hilda Speakman

Sharman Avenue

St Annes

Home office computers


Yet again we are informed of another colossal waste of taxpayers’ money on a computer system, this time it is the Home Office.

The Immigration Case Work system was to be a ‘flagship IT programme’ and was commissioned just six years ago in 2010 at a cost of £350m, now it has been abandoned and they are using the older system that regularly freezes.

The system was designed to ‘improve quality and accuracy in casework decisions’ but has clearly failed in its expectations.

Just what is it that goes wrong with government sector IT systems and why is it that we never hear of anyone taking responsibility, let alone being disciplined or resigning, or for that matter those who supplied the products being taken to task.

A £209m replacement system will not be ready until 2016/7 but how do we know it will work ?

In the meantime immigration remains in a mess.

It is time that this kind of fiasco ends and those responsible pay the price, not the taxpayer.

Philip Griffiths

North West President UKIP

‘Tesco tax’ is bad idea

Food costs

I hope our local councils steer clear of a ‘Tesco tax’ (Gazette July 29).

While I can quite understand the hope this levy could be reinvested in local areas, I have no doubt it would also lead to higher food costs.

The price of food has already risen considerably in recent years.

Staples like bread, beans and tea seem to me to have really jumped up in price.

So adding another tax on would surely just lead to more prices rises.

Many families, including on the Fylde, are already struggling to meet their daily and weekly grocery bills.

But I strongly believe good nutrition for everyone is the most important thing as it has a knock on effect on general health and wellbeing.

Name and address supplied