Letters - July 3, 2018

Roadworks in Calderdale
Roadworks in Calderdale
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We need to sort out this roadworks chaos

I realise that roadworks are required for many differing reasons.

In order to make an omelette one must break a few eggs.

But I think that here in Blackpool we seem to be making the proverbial omelette every year and yet again, not in one place but seemingly all over our roads in town.

I’m not one to moan ( yes I am) but Blackpool is at a standstill no matter what the time of day.

Every way drivers go to try and avoid static traffic, they come across yet more congestion due to roadworks. Come on Blackpool Council, roadwork and other agencies involved get together talk and discuss where and when you are digging up the roads.

We require value for the monies we pay. We need a plan of action, rather than diverting traffic towards even more congestion caused by even more roadworks. Work and talk together for all our sakes.

Keith Whigham

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Keep climate change on radar

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the Climate Change Act, thousands of people across the country – including CAFOD groups in Lancashire – are organising walks, nature events and picnics to make sure climate change is still on the agenda for government and members of parliament.

Since the act was passed, a lot of progress has been already made on climate change; and, there are many positive examples of local action to tackle climate change, such as communities pledging to live more simply and sustainably by switching to Fairtrade, using public transport and growing food to share in allotments.

This is something to celebrate.

But, the journey to tackle climate change has only just begun.

During the Climate Coalition’s Week of Action, which takes place to Sunday, July 8, and includes charities such as CAFOD, the Women’s Institute, WWF, and The National Trust, their supporters are asking the UK to increase its ambition on climate change.

We are calling for the UK to reclaim its place at the forefront of global climate ambition.

So, why don’t readers take the opportunity to have a heart to heart with your local member of parliament?

Share how climate change is impacting so many of the things we love, both close to home and across the world, and what we can do about it.

Together, we can tackle climate change.

Patrick Gardner

CAFOD representative in 


Limit power for novice drivers

Are motorway lessons for learner drivers a good idea? Night driving is just as important, why not make that compulsory?

I believe new drivers should have limits on the power of cars they can drive – modern vehicles are too powerful and responsive for the inexperienced to handle safely.

In France, new drivers had a limit on the top speed they could do e.g. 90kph (56mph), with a 90 sticker displayed on the rear window. Then they had an A sticker to show they were inexperienced.

Good, safe driving only comes via experience.


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Compassion in short supply

If ever you see a blind person with a guide dog on public transport get up and give your seat to this person.

After reading about a blind man and his dog and the horrible experience he suffered I cannot believe anyone would just sit there and see this man in distress.

What’s happened to compassion these days? It seems in very short supply.

Jayne Grayson

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