Letters - July 29, 2015

Photo Neil Cross'The Fracking meeting at County Hall in Preston
Photo Neil Cross'The Fracking meeting at County Hall in Preston
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This is not a suitable comparison to make

In response to Mr Petts’ letter, I must say I find his logic quite baffling (Your Say, Gazette, July 27).

Quarrying has taken place at this site since 1948, and currently has permission to work until 2042.

The extension granted by LCC was for additional land to be quarried within the existing timescale, not to extend the timescale, and represents only a small extension in comparison to the main site.

His claim that it will generate around 75,000 HGV journeys is not substantiated. The highways submission to council states that “no increase in the number of vehicles including HGVs involved in the quarry operations is proposed; as a result, no additional vehicular trips will be generated”.

Reference to “this sort of obvious double standard, that often results from political decision-making rather than a hard-headed consideration of the facts, is exactly why there is an established and democratic right of appeal for developers that believe their plans have been refused for the wrong reasons” is completely misleading. It was not a political decision and all the facts were very seriously considered by the committee. The democratic process was clear, with Parish Council, Borough Council and County Council all objecting. It would, therefore, be better for everybody if Cuadrilla and Mr Petts accepted the democratic decision and there is no appeal.

Mr Petts is considering his own self interest, supported by Cuadrilla, and is clutching at straws in trying to compare a long established business with the prospect of an industry which is unproven and has the potential to create environmental and health problems for the local community.

Mr G Daniels

Westby with Plumptons.


This decision puts Wyre in jeopardy

Presumably, Lord Bourne lives in “Ivory Towers” down south and has probably not ventured north of Watford, let alone visited the area he has put in jeopardy by giving the go-ahead to Halite’s gas storage plans. I don’t suppose he’s heard of Abbeystead!

All residents within the area that would suffer from a blast that 900 cubic metres of gas being ignited would make, should put claims in against Halite and the government that this project is against their human rights by causing stress and fear of an explosion.

This could be caused by an underground collapse, an earthquake, or terrorists, somehow gaining access to the site.

It would take a lot of monetary compensation to alleviate the fears of local residents. I am sure some of these “compensation lawyers” would be only too willing to take something like this on board.

Sandra Bourman

Laurel Drive



Don’t sit grumbling, write to ministers

The government’s decision to give the go-ahead for gas storage by Halite in the underground caverns is appalling, as I know most of your readers will agree.

I have written to the Prime Minister and to Lord Bourne at the Department for Energy and Climate Change, and urge all those who are against it to do the same.

If enough letters are sent, it will at the very least make known our strong feelings on the subject. We should not sit back and grumble.

In my letters I informed the Ministers about the blowing of the well head a year or two ago and of the earth tremor when exploratory fracking was attempted.

I also said that if, and when, an explosion happened they should not come here with sympathy and platitudes as they would not be welcome!

Ruth Bradbury

Knott End


The story behind our mystery object

Regarding the ‘mystery object’ found on the beach (Gazette, July 21), more investigation needs doing on this and other older people must know the full story.

Water was taken from the tides and fed into the water tower (now diving centre) on Dickson Road. This was presumably where the water was treated/ cleaned. From there, it was distributed to Derby baths, Cocker Street baths and the Imperial Hotel swimming pool.

Paul Kowalski

via email


Do you have a book for prisoners?

I wonder if any readers have unwanted copies of the classic The Divine Plan of the Ages, by Charles Taze Russell.

The books are urgently requested by a number of Jehovah’s Witnesses on Death Row, Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison, Kabuse, Zambia. Books can be left for collection at Records and Relics, 7A - 9B Caunce Street, Blackpool. The opening times are from 11am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday.

Ms R Page




A great day out 
at Stanley Park

I would like to thank the excellent band “Rupert Fabulous”, entertaining almost 3,500 happy people on the bandstand at Stanley Park.Also the young dancers were amazing.

What a day out!

Win Williamson

Fairfield Road