Letters - July 28

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REGARDING parking on pavements in St Albans Road, St Annes (Gazette July 22), this is also a problem on the forecourt outside the front of shops on Highfield Road, near Highfield School.

There are no double yellow lines on the main road, but people pull on to the forecourt on Acregate, where there is a dropped kerb, then drive along to be near the shop they want to go to.

It is a very wide forecourt, and most of them travel far too fast.

This is not only cars but taxis, mopeds and workmen in large vans.

One day a child, old or blind person is going to be badly hurt by a car, lorry or moped that speeds on and off the pavement.

I have also noticed on St Annes Road in Blackpool how people are allowed to park outside their houses on the wide pavement, and never seem to be questioned about it.


Highfield Road


THE Gazette recently published a plea from us for volunteer drivers for our mini bus.

This resulted in us being inundated with volunteers.

I think every driver with some spare time who reads The Gazette contacted us, and we are very grateful.

We are now in a position to run our minibus when we want, which will allow our club members to have a great choice of outings.

I would like to thank all the drivers who contacted us and came into the centre to find out about all we do.

If readers would like to improve their social activities, please contact us on (01253) 299306 and join our clubs.


Claremont First Step Community Centre

IN response to Coun Simon Blackburn (Letters July 22), way before Peter Collins was elected as a councillor, (and later deposed as one), he has always spoken out on behalf of Grange Park residents.

Peter has had his opinion printed in the paper on numerous occasions, so why would this time be any different?

In my opinion, an elected member of the council should not be wasting the time allocated to them to run the town on our behalf, on belittling a man who has promoted Grange Park estate.

In addition, I was appalled to read Coun Blackburn supported the striking teachers. He stated in his correspondence he was the cabinet member with responsibility for children’s social welfare.

It appears Coun Blackburn is more interested in the national political stance than in the local people he was elected to represent.

Instead of criticising and reminding people of what has happened in the past, please tell us what he is going to do for the future of the town.

Anybody can blame predecessor for problems, but it takes a better man to take the initiative and, instead of pointing fingers, to get the job done.


Chepstow Road