Letters - July 27

Duggie Chapman outside the Winter Gardens where work has started on refurbishing the entertainment centre.
Duggie Chapman outside the Winter Gardens where work has started on refurbishing the entertainment centre.
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I THANK thank Mr Duggie Chapman (pictured, right), for having the faith in Blackpool to promote the North Pier shows this year, along with the Sedgewick family, who are the new owners of the pier.

Please Blackpool, give these people your complete backing by visiting these wonderful shows.

I’m talking from experience having seen three of those shows myself, namely The Grumbleweeds, Cannon and Ball and The Rock ‘n’ Roll Paradise, which is a must if you like ’50s and ’60s music.

What a great show, there were older couples actually jiving in the aisles. Mr Chapman has always been a great promoter of Blackpool shows, along with the Winter Gardens, who also do a very good job putting on great shows like Jane Macdonald, Ken Dodd, Michael Ball and not forgetting the forthcoming Calender Girls.

Let’s support these people who work hard to give us all a great holiday.


Shaw Road


FOLLOWING the overwhelming popularity of our Heroes Return 2 funding programme, I am delighted to announce the Big Lottery Fund has extended the scheme’s travel date deadline to support Second World War veterans who have not yet been able to undertake a commemorative visit.

The application deadline for a Heroes Return 2 grant remains January 31, 2012, but veterans now have until December 2012 to make their trip.

Grants are available for travel and accommodation costs for veterans or their widows, along with spouses and a carer.

This extension will be a big help to those who have felt so far unable to return to the battlefronts.

It is clear how valuable these journeys are in helping veterans retrace the steps of their past and honour lost comrades.

More than 50,000 individual journeys and a total of over £23.8m in awards have been made through Heroes Return 2 and its forerunner grants scheme.

Veterans and families have travelled to Italy, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, the USA and the Far East, and attended commemorative events in the UK.

For details, call the Heroes Return 2 advice line on 0845 00 00 121, or visit www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/heroesreturn.


UK Chairman

Big Lottery Fund

NET Green and her team are moving to new premises in Highfield Road, Blackpool, -– to where Mr Greasley’s barber shop was, just a block from her where she has been running Green’s’ cafe and coffee shop for over a year.

To say she has been successful would be an understatement. She is an amazing host, warm and friendly, and provides a totally customer focused service.

She has behind her a wonderful cook and a small team of friendly, funny and dedicated staff that have been with her since the beginning.

That is why she is successful.

Good luck Janet, Janette, Sue, Kiero and Kyle.


Ash Street