Letters - July 25, 2014

Normoss and Staining Gala.
Normoss and Staining Gala.
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John covered key issues


I was so pleased to read Coun John Singleton’s page in The Gazette outlining three subjects, each one relevant to me (Politically Correct, July 16).

He obviously provides an amazing service to the public of Staining and Singleton because he cares for people and traditions.

The village club day is rapidly becoming a thing of the past due to political correctness and a 
complacent attitude by members of the public who increasingly feel ‘why should I do something for nothing?’

The club day continues in places such as Staining due to a group of people always ready to give their time and energy to organise an event which will give pride and pleasure to the general public.

The danger of allowing builders to make a lot of money by building all over green belt areas was outlined, repeating what has been described so many times by people opposing irresponsible development.

It causes extensive flooding, permanent destruction of our countryside and killing off remaining wildlife. I feel an expert on this subject living on 
Marton Moss, Blackpool.

I cringe when I’m asked to respond online, complete application forms, respond by email and pay bills online if I want to save money, another subject covered by John.

If I have a family celebration I take my family to a restaurant where my 
grandchildren used to sit with their smart phones, ear phones or tablets.

This has now stopped and we talk to each other and have a fantastic evening.

I have a good social life but I do not have a tablet, smart phone, internet, passport, Sky TV, modern car or claim benefits.

The internet is essential in this modern world but I’m lucky not to need it .

I enjoy a better relaxing life than anyone I know.

Thank you John for reminding me.

Alan Barnes


Honesty made our day

Lost cash

Sometimes, just sometimes, something happens that makes one proud of people and especially children.

Recently my husband 
managed to lose a bank paying in book containing some 
cheques and £350 in cash.

Twenty-four hours later 
we received a telephone 

A family out for a stroll with their eight-year- old daughter and her friend noticed it and hence the call.

So thank you girls and your parents for encouraging their honesty and their refusal to take a reward.

It made our day.

Name and address supplied

Don’t play for Brazil Alan!

Football bid

While reading The Gazette in the garden on this glorious summer evening, I very nearly spilled my gin and tonic.

I refer to the hilarious letter from 76-year-old Alan Murden who offered his services to Blackpool Football club.

He states he has never 
played football and only watched two football matches – both over 50 years ago.

Let me remind you of his offer. Quote: “I am however prepared to offer my services for the measly amount of £20,000 per week.

“ I am also prepared to play in any position with the exception of goalie as I understand this requires a lot of bending down to pick up balls from the back of the net.”

Alan, it’s a good job you don’t want to be the Brazil goalie.

Mike Picewicz

Warbreck Hill Road


Sales helping animals

Shed is bare

I want to thank all the people who have supported my garage sales this year.

I have had three very successful sales, so far, raising just over £3,000.

This is due to the people who donate items to sell, to the people who help to set up the sale and who help on the day, and to the people who come looking for, and usually getting, bargains.

To you all, a big thank you.

I would like to raise even more money to donate to animal charities, but at the moment I have very little to sell.

My shed is looking bare. Are you having a clear out?

Maybe you could let me have your unwanted items? I can turn them into cash to help animals.

Sue Ashton

3, Archers Farm, Peel Road, Blackpool

(01253 731572)