Letters - July 24, 2015

Preesall site where Halite - formally Canatxx - plan to build the gas storage plant  / view gas storage Over Wyre
Preesall site where Halite - formally Canatxx - plan to build the gas storage plant / view gas storage Over Wyre
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Decision to allow gas plan is undemocratic

There is, of course, something dark, sinister and deep at the heart of this Government’s announcement to reverse the previous democratic decisions which stopped Halite using the salt caverns in Wyre to store gas.

People in the north of England, in particular the Fylde area, are now effectively being disenfranchised by stealth in political terms.

The recent announcement by the Government to overturn the democratic decision taken locally to turn down Halite’s applications to use the old salt pits in Wyre for gas storage, was clearly made without taking into account the safety of the public and the environment. The big business interests in this Government will easily hold sway, as many ministers are already pumped and primed with their own business interests. Pressure applied by Halite, would in effect be like pushing against an open door!

The cavalier attitude taken by David Cameron to overturn the decision made by local politicians, after examining the facts over ten years, makes a mockery of our democratic rights and civil liberties. How can this be right or fair for this situation to be imposed on the people of the Fylde, overturning previous decisions?

We need to demand answers from David Cameron now, and it is hoped that the law can be used to make a legal challenge against the government.

As a civil liberty case alone there are issues here that need addressing and the protection of the public and residents is important.

A Government prepared to run roughshod over us means that Cameron’s misplaced power will be used to impose shale gas extraction in the Fylde.

Allowing Cuadrilla to industrialise our countryside against the wishes of the LCC and the people will demonstrate the north/south divide and condemns us as outcasts in the ‘wasteland of the north’.

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue



We’re all in the fight against IS together

David Cameron is right that the fight against Islamic State is the struggle of our generation. IS is a hoodlum entity based on murder and butchery. Its warped ideology is toxic.

It is deeply worrying that this bedlam fascinates a small, but significant, section of British youth. More than 700 British-born Muslims have travelled to Syria to help build an odious empire.

The challenge that IS poses demands, as the Prime Minister said in his speech, a no-holds-barred response. The poison must be drained with the help of everyone. We are indeed in it together.

Islamist extremism is a cult, one that invokes Islam. It makes a spurious claim to religion. Civil libertarians are hesitant to see the law applied against it for fear that it will be misconstrued as an attack on Muslim moderates. They fail to understand that what is right in this struggle against barbarity is what works.

Moderates of every faith, and even those with none, need to support the government’s appeal to take the fight to the extremists. The status quo is not working.

Dr Barry Clayton

Fieldfare Close



You can help projects win Lottery awards

Two Lancashire projects, Get It Loud In Libraries and the Silver Line Helpline, needyour support to help it win in the National Lottery Awards 2015.

Get It Loud In Libraries, which showcases new music acts in local libraries and helps young people get into the music industry, is up against six other finalists from around the UK for Best Artsproject. The Silver Line, the only 24-hour, free and confidential telephone helpline for lonely and isolated older people available every day and night, is competing for the £2,000 prize and the chance to feature on a BBC One show in September.

The National Lottery Awards celebrate and recognise the inspirational and life-changing impact of National Lottery funded projects.

Voting closes at midnight on Wednesday, July 29. To cast your vote go to www.lotterygoodcauses.org.uk/awards.

Gethin Jones

National Lottery Awards Ambassador


Sign up and help to fight heart disease

I am writing to ask Gazette readers to join me in supporting the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) Schools events. You can take part in physical activity that is fun, rewarding and heart healthy. The activities will raise money for your school, as well as contribute to life-saving research into heart disease.

I am urging schools in the North West to take part in a sponsored Skipathon or game of Ultimate Dodgeball in aid of the fight against heart disease.

These events promote the importance of maintaining a healthy heart through regular exercise whilst raising funds for the BHF’s lifesaving work into the fight against heart disease.

Heart and circulatory conditions are responsible for nearly 19,000 deaths in the North West each year, that’s over 50 people every single day.

To find out more and to sign-up, visit bhf.org.uk/schools-event.

Beth Tweddle

Olympic gymnast