Letters - July 24, 2014

FRACKING PROTESTS Not everybody is on their side, as our readers show
FRACKING PROTESTS Not everybody is on their side, as our readers show
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Fracking campaign


I am disappointed to hear about plans for a fracking protest (Gazette, July 22).

The protesters seem to believe their raucous action will bring about some change of heart from the public, the politicians or the drilling companies.

So far this has not turned out to be the case.

We have a democratic process in this country which allows everyone to express their views.

By its very name, that process will cater for the majority view and not 
everyone will be happy with the outcome.

I have disagreed with some recent new legislation, have made my views known through the normal channels, and have ultimately accepted the views of the majority.

The anti-fracking lobby has made its views known and produced evidence claiming problems .

They have made some valid points about the need for regulation and control of the industry and these seem to have been accepted and acted upon by Government and the industry.

Action is now in hand in both of these bodies to 
ensure the drilling can be undertaken in a safe environment. Wouldn’t it be good to have a national source of 
energy where we are not dependent upon the whims of other, less democratic, countries who see it as a power tool to achieve other objectives in areas not related to energy.

Of course, it needs to be regulated and controlled by a national authority, like other industries.

The people who work in this industry are experts in their field and understand the risks better than you or me.

The industry will have to prove to the government 
regulator that it complies with requirements on safety etc.

Why then are the protests taking place? A bit of fun, a bit of anarchy, a bit of self-publicising, or just that there is nothing good on the telly?

The disruption and the costs will be disproportionate to the usefulness, and will probably alienate many members of the public.

Frank McLaughlin

Teal Lane


I’m writing with regard to the planned beginning of direct action by anti-
establishment groups in our area.

The planned direct action by anti-fracking groups, just doesn’t need to 

By the time shale gas 
extraction becomes operational, how much money will we locally have paid to police them?

In Balcombe it was £4m. It is irresponsible to waste police resources before challenging shale gas at the ballot box.

At the end of the day, when the activists have left, we could have funded a school.

Sean Lord


Excuse me if I don’t share the sentiments about protesters and activities who made national newspaper and TV headlines last year by stopping Cuadrilla drilling for six days in Balcombe – and costing law-abiding residents thousands of pounds to police.

Drilling site staff and contractors were harassed, lorries stopped, roads closed and village life was seriously disrupted by their antics.

Now they are coming to Blackpool and promising a Day of Action on Monday, August 18 – aren’t we the lucky ones!

Like many people, I am concerned more about this travelling army of ‘anti-frackers’ setting up camps than any of the so-called dangers of exploring for shale gas, which has the potential to bring significant investment, jobs and opportunities for local people and the economy.

Name and address supplied

Shows coming to town

Let It Be

I am fortunate enough to say I have seen the fantastic production of ‘Let It Be’ in the West End.

This show recreating the sounds of the Fab Four is ideal for Blackpool and I am highly delighted the Opera House has been chosen as a destination for the UK theatre tour.

Beatles songs have appealed to a cross section of the world’s population for over 50 years.

This is a great opportunity for younger fans to experience a retrospective form of ‘Beatlemania’.

Both The Opera House and The Grand Theatre are certainly moving in the right direction and once again Blackpool is becoming recognised as destination hot spot for quality musical theatre shows.

Productions such as Avenue Q , New Jersey Nights and Mamma Mia! are a credit to the town and this proves beyond doubt that the resort has much more to offer local residents and visitors.

Over the past few years 
there has been a terrible 
misconception wrongly portrayed by some TV production companies that the town is just about booze, bingo and karaoke.

Stephen Pierre

Abingdon Street


Supermarket trolley folly


Will the outcome of no more trolley locks at Morrison be abandoned trolleys festooning the Squires Gate area, along with all the other debris and fly-tipping? I think this will be a big mistake.

Kevin Gooder

Clinton Avenue