Letters - July 23, 2014

Photo Neil Cross'Fleetwood Tram Sunday'Graham and Alexa Ashton
Photo Neil Cross'Fleetwood Tram Sunday'Graham and Alexa Ashton
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Support was excellent

Best yet

May I take this opportunity to thank all the committee members, marshals and stewards for all their help in making this year’s Tram Sunday the best yet.

The support that has been received from Wyre Council to help stage this event has been second to none with a special thanks to the street cleaning team who were excellent.

Fleetwood has suffered as of late and has been in need of a lift and I would like to think we are doing a little to help the visitor numbers.

Some of the shops will support us in the form of a donation and some will take advantage.

We ask you to shop where you see the Tram Sunday Retail Supporter sticker in their window

We are all volunteers and are always looking for more assistance.

If you would like to help then please contact us through the website. www.tramsunday.co.uk

Many thanks

Robert Brown


Fleetwood Festival of 

Housing developments

Local plan

In The Gazette (July 15), Wyre Council took up half a page to advertise the forthcoming new Local Plan which won’t become law until 2017 at the earliest.

In the meantime applications for housing developments across Wyre are pouring in.

Reference was made to the Fleetwood Thornton Area Action Plan (AAP) of 2009 which “has protected the majority of the rest of the borough from significant development”.

In Thornton land was allocated in the AAP north of Bourne Road for 800 houses. Present figures show that for the AAP, 121 houses are under construction and 519 have planning permission.

Thus 77 per cent of the houses remain to be built.

Despite this, approval has been given for 150 houses at Norcross and 60 at Ashdell Nurseries and King George’s Playing Fields. This is hardly protection.

We are now faced with applications to put 100 houses on the playing fields at Bourne Way and 165 on the fields at Lamb’s Road and no doubt more are in the pipeline.

In the short term this will lead to a significant oversupply of housing in Thornton, which calls into question whether the houses in the AAP will remain unsold or not even be built.

We call upon Wyre Council to refuse approval for any new house building in Thornton until the needs of the community can be addressed not just in terms of housing but also roads, green spaces, schools etc.

The residents deserve better.

Howard Phillips

Vice-Chairman Thornton Action Group

Poulton pubs closed

Funeral fear

Having just returned from Switzerland, I am told the majority of licensed premises and restaurants were due to be closed on Tuesday because of a Romany funeral (and this is not as a mark of respect but of fear that something terrible may happen).

The local Wetherspoons, The Poulton Elk, has it appears been told it may lose its licence if it opens.

What is this? Why have the people of Poulton been held to ransom?

If there is some sort of threat, shouldn’t there be a large police presence rather than capitulation? What have the councillors to say?

It all beggars belief!

Mike Antrobus

Address supplied

Everyone so helpful


We have been coming to Blackpool for 30 years, but this year proved a little different.

We arrived on the Saturday and on the Sunday I had a slight accident with my foot.

Being 78-years-old and having a semi- invalid wife who needs a wheelchair, and my two grandchildren , I needed all the help I could get.

Firstly the owner of the Westward holiday flats in Park Road, where we were staying was very helpful, and took me to hospital there and back.

Thanks also to the staff at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, especially the nurse who attended to me.

Also to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We were booked in for the Tuesday but they managed to put us in for Thursday so my foot was maybe a little better.

Even when I had paid for a ticket in the Palatine car park, which must have blown away when I opened the boot to get out the wheelchair and was fined £61.75, the manage r came to my flat and gave me two-and-a-half day’s free parking! To all those people, I say thank you very much.

This is what makes Blackpool, Blackpool. See you next year.

Mr James Taylor

Isle of Bute, Scotland