Letters - July 22, 2014

Lost out Terry and Pat Monaghan who lost the licence to sell ice cream on the promenade at Cleveleys
Lost out Terry and Pat Monaghan who lost the licence to sell ice cream on the promenade at Cleveleys
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Ice cream van needed

Where’s Terry?

Well it’s another glorious day and I felt the need to write in dismay of no ice cream van on Cleveleys promenade again.

Wyre Borough Council - bring back Terry. After years of having a reliable ice cream van on Cleveleys Promenade for young and old to enjoy a delicious 99 we are let down by WBC ending Terry’s stint.

We have a new ice cream man allegedly – never seen the van yet – who put in a cheaper tender and hey presto won the bid. Shame that a cheaper tender means no ice creams on days when they are in need.

However, surely its not all about the money Wyre Borough Council, its about the local residents who are here summer after summer and yes even in the autumn and winter to enjoy an ice cream.

Some of the pensioners and grandparents with push chairs struggle to get to the promenade and then to have no ice cream van close by is a crying shame.

Terry if you’re reading this please can you start doing home deliveries!

Sharon Parsons

Thornton - Cleveleys.

Dance show delight

Ovation deserved

Congratulations Langley School of Dancing for presenting in the Tower Ballroom on July 18 an exhibition from the Tots to the Seniors of such talent, dancing and singing, to equal anything appearing in Blackpool this season.

The thank you also of course, to all the parents who spend hours making sure these talented children go to their classes week in week out.

The enthusiasm of everyone, the costumes and the hard work on behalf of the chosen charity had everyone’s Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and in my case Great Grandmother giving a standing ovation to every item and bursting with pride at the children of Blackpool being such a credit - some obviously so talented they will be choosing a career in show business.

What a pity a TV company did not come to show the good side of Blackpool and not deride it as they have in the past.

Pity on such a lovely evening and the public enjoying this, there was not one bin to put rubbish in from the Tower to Central Drive. The promenade was filthy and people were saying how dirty the town was. It took some of the shine off the evening. Still perhaps someone will look into this?

Also, Landeau drivers, remember to use the bags.

The Promenade was very hard to cross without getting your shoes dirty. Lastly, a thank you to the very pleasant and welcoming staff at the Tower.

Coun Lily Henderson MBE

Blackpool FC

Pensioner will play

Is there any truth in the rumour that, when the new football season starts, the first five spectators arriving at the ground to watch BFC will be invited to play?

By then I will be 76 years old, I have never played football and have only watched two football matches – both over 50 years ago.

I am, however, prepared to offer my services for the measly amount of £20,000 per week. I am also prepared to play in any position with the exception of “goalie” as I understand this requires a lot of bending down to pick up balls from the back of the net.

Alan Murden

via email

Top entertaionment

Soul was special

Lorraine Beavers’ article on the National Health Service is poignant and heart rending, as she shows the true side of the coalition government’s efforts to dismantle our public owned Health Service which has, unless you are a republican from America, provided the best health service in the world.

That is of course until last year when the government passed the Health and Social Care Act, which has effectively ushered in private health care companies to run the NHS.

The act gives them tendering rights to bid for the many services that we have enjoyed free at the point of need for more than 60 years.

Since the Labour Government brought in the NHS after the Second World War we have enjoyed free health care that for many in the pre-war years was unobtainable.

That is why with a group of dedicated local people we have joined in the national ‘Save the Health Service campaign’ with 38 degrees to help understand the process of tendering and commercial profits that private companies will make out of our health care system paid for through our taxes.

While we wait for the next general Election, less than a year away, we will see more hospitals sold off, with more services turned over to private practise with insurance companies making profit out of our health service that we will soon no longer own.

What the Labour party need to state clearly now is how they will repeal the Social care act without incurring costs with the private sector.

We want to see the act repealed without cost to the public purse, thus restoring the Secretary of States duty to provide health services formerly contained in the National Health Service acts over the years.

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue