Letters - July 22, 2011

Blackpool promenade officially re-opened to traffic this afternoon.'The first cars through after the 2pm opening. PIC BY ROB LOCK'20-6-2011
Blackpool promenade officially re-opened to traffic this afternoon.'The first cars through after the 2pm opening. PIC BY ROB LOCK'20-6-2011
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WHEN I drive down the new Promenade early in the morning, the new, large open space is very impressive.

When the Tower and new space opposite is completed, it will be extremely impressive.

Only a few hours later on my return, it’s a very different story with long traffic queues in either direction.

I do hope that when Mr Hamilton-Baillie returns to review the scheme, he spends some time at the junction at North Pier – Talbot Square.

Traffic travelling south-bound is snarled up, owing to the speed restriction through to the Golden Mile and, when the lights change, vehicles then attempt to join from Talbot Road thus adding to the problem.

I have witnessed some ‘near-misses’ when vehicles entering the junction for Talbot Road attempt to squeeze into the narrow roadway along with the still snarled-up south-bound vehicles.

I dread to think what will happen during the Illuminations! I would suggest Mr Hamilton-Baillie returns to review the scheme again during the Illuminations.

I wonder then if he can then still say ‘Keep the Faith!’

The revamp is a brilliant idea but somehow it’s just not working!


Melville Road


I FEEL that perhaps when Mr Hamilton-Baillie comes back to Blackpool to assess his handiwork with Peter Cross this summer, they should both don a pair of low-vision spectacles and then try to cross the offending part of the promenade during the rush hour.

As a partially-sighted resident, let’s see how they cope with it.


Meyler Avenue


I NOTE with interest that you chose to interview deposed Tory councillor Peter Collins about the Labour Council’s success in attracting £100,000 of funding to tackle child poverty in the borough, rather than speak to the cabinet member with responsibility for children’s social care (me) as part of your feature which ‘revealed’ a Save the Children report, which was published almost six months ago, and is based on figures from 2009.

This denied us the opportunity to discuss with you our intensive work over the past 12 weeks (since taking over from Peter Collins and his chums), in designing a Child Poverty Strategy, for publication later this year.

Peter Collins, in his wisdom, feels that poverty has got worse on Grange Park. Could that have anything at all to do with the £16m – plus that he personally cut from budgets for vulnerable children, families and adults in only February of this year?

How swiftly he has made the transition from axe-wielding cutter of public services to beloved sage of social policy.

Coun Simon Blackburn

Labour leader of Blackpool Council

Editor’s note:

NOT sure how the council has been ‘denied’ the opportunity to discuss its work. Labour was represented in Monday’s article with quotes from Coun Amy Cross, cabinet member for young people.

Throughout Tuesday, calls were made to the council specifically for an interview with Coun Blackburn on this subject, we still await a response.

Inquiries in Blackpool last week revealed the situation since the initial report had deteriorated with, it was claimed, 9,000 children now classified as living in poverty just six months later.

Clearly a matter of public interest and concern and valid for the front page of the local newspaper.