Letters - July 21

Unveiling of a plaque at Bethesda Park to rename it after Coun Doreen Holt, who died earlier this year. Coun Lily Henderson and Susan Moss, the daughter of Doreen, by the plaque.
Unveiling of a plaque at Bethesda Park to rename it after Coun Doreen Holt, who died earlier this year. Coun Lily Henderson and Susan Moss, the daughter of Doreen, by the plaque.
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IN response to A Fitting Tribute, Gazette, July 16, may I offer my deep gratitude, on behalf of all my family, for all the love and support that people have shown us during the past six months.

Losing my wife, Doreen Holt, has been heartbreaking and watching my family try to come to terms with their loss has been dreadful too.

Doreen was a wonderful wife and a loving mum, nanna, great-nanna and sister. However, I also realise just how many great friends she had too.

Doreen Holt Park is a massive honour and I am so very proud. I can look out of my front door and see the sign every day knowing that all the work my beautiful wife did for her community has finally been recognised.

She was passionate about her councillor status, but she never asked for glory. She just cared – for literally everyone.

Thank you to Central Drive Community Association, for their relentless perseverance in making Doreen Holt Park a reality, and to Coun Lilly Henderson and Revoe School Choir for their special touch.

It was a smashing day.

Can I also thank Blackpool Council, the local policing team for their ongoing support, and The Gazette for their tributes to Doreen, which have been lovely.

I have met many of Doreen’s friends from the charities she was involved with and many others who she locked horns with over local issues. All have admiration and respect for her, and many feel her loss.

Moving on is much easier said than done. My family and I have a massive gap in our lives which will never be filled again but we will treasure our memories forever.

Thank you everyone and ’til we meet again Doreen.


Erdington Road


I WOULD like to say a huge special thank you to Leyla and all the staff at the Orchard Lodge Nursing Home, on Lytham Road, for the excellent Garden Party last Saturday.

It was a truly excellent event with some great performances including singers, circus acts and the Park School Brass Band, who performed a brilliant set.

The event was very well attended and I was delighted to see a good amount of money raised for some very worthy causes, including the Les Dawson Charity, Park School, Keajra Buddhist Centre, Aiming Higher, PDSA and the British Red Cross. The staff worked very hard to organise this event and provided a great day for all the family.


Councillor for Squires Gate Ward

THERE’S been a lot of good things which have happened in Bispham in the past few years.

The wonderful college – teaching the good life instead of the bad with its happy-faced students marching up the road to the building that will change their life forever.

Also, the amazing well-built and completely organised waste depot in Bristol Avenue – it’s a pleasure to take your rubbish to it.

The men who work there are all gentlemen, help you right away with anything heavy, are completely well-mannered and not a rude word is spoken. Well done boys.

The third is when, all of a sudden, after two years of gangs of youths, full of drink and drugs, running through our gardens and streets causing mayhem, it all stopped and peace and quiet came to our neighbourhood.

Now we can sleep at night in our beds and feel safe and secure, and who brought us this peace? Why, the local bobby, walking down the streets, mixing with law-abiding people and listening to them.

They should never take the police off the streets. It’s a British institution running for hundreds of years, and, more than ever, we need them so please save our bobbies. It’s the judges I want sorted out.


Ashfield Road