Letters - July 2, 2018

anchorsholme church vandalised
anchorsholme church vandalised
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And people wonder why young do this...

I too share the disgust and annoyance with local councillor Paul Galley, who said the vandalism at the park and the church has been the darkest part of his seven years as a councillor (The Gazette, June 26).

What a pity these obviously bored and unoccupied young people can’t find a safe place to go with positive things to do in the evenings.

Maybe they can go to a local youth centre to meet their friends for a chat, game of pool, have a coffee and to have the opportunity to do some projects with the youth workers like we did in our youth?

Oh no ! I forgot!

Central and local government between them have decimated the youth services to save money - Cleveleys, Thornton, Bispham, Grange Park, Garstang, Claremont, and Preesall all now closed.

The purpose-built Blackpool Boys & Girls Club replaced by houses and now operating out of a prefab. Mereside still open and i think Revoe is still opening with the Boathouse in South Shore, and a club linked to Grange Park. And people wonder why the young people are restless and bored now getting up to ASB?

Concerned parent

Via email


Perfect spot for a magistrates’ court

According to articles in The Gazette a site is being sought for a new magistrates’ court now that the existing site is to be redeveloped.

Have the powers that be considered the ex-BHS site ?

Perfect town centre location, underground loading bay (for use by police and magistrates), existing car park above would be utilised 12 months of the year, and the added bonus... another town centre ‘grot spot’ eliminated.

To me its a no brainer.

Neal Duffy

Via email

* Editor’s note: B&M are now set to use the former BHS site.


We need a clear vision for the NHS

Doctors from the North West recently travelled down to Brighton to join fellow doctors from across UK at the BMA’s annual conference. It was an important opportunity to assess the state of the NHS and plan for a better future.

The chair of the BMA, in his opening speech, warned of a year-round crisis in the NHS with summer pressures now as bad as those in winter – a clear sign that an urgent action is needed.

Worryingly, the results of a recent survey revealed that three-quarter of doctors felt financial targets were being prioritised over patient care.

We must not accept increased waiting times, cancelled operations, recruitment and retention issues, decreased bed occupancy and stressed staff, as the norm for the NHS. The PM’s announcement of funding for the NHS is a step in the right direction, but is unlikely to go far enough.

As the NHS approaches its 70th anniversary, we need clear direction and caring and collaborative future vision that puts the health service on the right path.

Dr Kailash Chand BMA

North West regional council chairman


Stop complaining, and report them

I would like to ask readers to stop complaining about all the potholes in the area and just report them.

It is so easy on a computer, just go to www.lancashire.gov.uk/roads-parking-and-travel and follow the links.

They usually action the reports within a few weeks.

Good luck!!

Potty Potholer

Address supplied


Teens need 
special care

Last week’s BBC Horizon documentary Teenagers vs Cancer: A User’s Guide, featured 11 young people who beautifully illustrated why teenagers and young adults need specialist and expert support when they face cancer.

Horizon has helped ensure teenagers and young people are heard. However, we are calling on the NHS to work in partnership with us, to ensure every young person diagnosed with cancer in the UK has a Teenage Cancer Trust specialist nurse to provide expert age appropriate care.

Kate Collins

Chief Executive
Teenage Cancer Trust