Letters - July 18

Work on the Promenade near Blackpool Tower.
Work on the Promenade near Blackpool Tower.
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People of Blackpool – stop moaning about the Promenade.

Now is the chance for you all to have something to be proud of, to boast about, and to attract people from all over the country once again.

After reading of all the complaints in The Gazette, I went – with some amount of trepidation – to have a look at the changes. I was expecting carnage – people, cars, bicycles and lorries all intermingling on a level surface with road and pavement indistinguishable.

But it’s really quite nice.

I know the work is far from done, but it all looks high quality.

It all looks new.

And it looks attractive.

It’s not that difficult to see the edges of the road. And with cars slowed to a much more pedestrian-friendly 20mph, it looks safe to me.

And the wedding chapel might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s not really mine.

But it’s different, interesting and an attraction.

Let’s stop squabbling and have a united voice to tell others that Blackpool is back.

Chris Dyson



I have just been to purchase a renewal of my parking permit for Blackpool Football club for the coming new season.

Last year it cost £40.

The price of the new season has risen to £60 a 50 per cent increase.

How can Blackpool Council justify such an increase?

Furthermore they say it can be used for all cup and league and reserve team games. It doesn’t cover home friendlies and the Club are not running a Reserve team this season.

I feel your readers should be made aware of this.


Devonshire Road


Allow me to protest against the recent idiotic and wasteful application of weed killer on the grass verge outside my home and adjacent properties on Bispham Road.

This happens every year, but this year the process has sunk to a new level of absurdity which has now created a broad yellow strip of dead leaves along the very centre of the verge instead of the edge.

Whoever sanctioned this needs reminding of the wasteful, ugly, expensive and environmentally unsound way of dealing with a very minor problem, namely the slow incursion of the sward on to the path.

I remember, at a time when everyone had much less money than now, the proud edging by hand of this valued roadside asset.

Contrast that with this clumsy and foolish offering apparent today.

It does, however, follow a generalised pattern in recent years which has led now to the introduction of the double height kerbs, which do nothing for the ascetic appreciation.

That such a huge and horrible solution to errant motorists if proffered instead of using existing legislation (wardens/traffic police) is equally worthy of derision, as are the outbreak of posts further down the road.

Rus en urbe.


Bispham Road