Letters - July 17, 2014

MAGIC GAME Rugby league brings in the crowds in the North ... but one reader asks whether Blackpool will miss out on a golden opportunity again by pandering to southerners
MAGIC GAME Rugby league brings in the crowds in the North ... but one reader asks whether Blackpool will miss out on a golden opportunity again by pandering to southerners
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Don’t miss opportunity


So, the Rugby Football League are staging a ‘Magic Weekend’ of rugby league in Blackpool next May 
(Gazette July 4).

Is this another opportunity for the council and its tourism department to demonstrate their 

Because of their 
wilful lack of interest, they have in recent years lost the BARLA cup weekend and the Northern Rail Cup weekend.

Will they now make it three in a row?

While the tourism 
department wastes time and effort grovelling and fawning to impress snooty southerners, they ignore the bread and butter 
families that rugby league and others can bring to the resort.

A few years from now, 
will hoteliers contemplating their empty rooms 
recognise the opportunities the council and 
its tourism department have squandered, or will they listen to the same old excuses?

James Littlewood

Whitegate Drive


Korean Memorial museum


A Memorial Museum dedicated to the many thousands of young men from the forces of the United Nations who gave their lives (including 1,082 from the U.K.) during the 
Korean War 1950-53 will open later this year in Busan, South Korea.

The U.N. authorities wish to obtain British memorabilia from the Korean War, to be placed on permanent display.

Objects such as medals, cap badges, regimental or divisional flashes, photographs, propaganda leaflets, flags or any other items that veterans or, families of veterans, wish to donate would be greatly 

Anyone sending items will receive a certificate of donation from the authorities.

Details about the donation would, of course, be of great help to the U.N. authorities and any details given about the veteran’s service in 
Korea will also be displayed in the museum.

Gifts such as medals, cap badges or heavy items should be sent to the following: The Military Attache, The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, 60 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AJ.

Other items such as photographs, maps, leaflets etc, can be sent to James Grundy. 102 College Croft. Eccles. Manchester M30 0AN.

James Grundy


Veteran’s funeral


I have read recently with a certain amount of incredulity, of the Fylde funeral director who organised the funeral of a veteran airman and attracted around 
1,000 people to Lytham Crematorium.

It’s not exactly ‘hire a crowd’, but it is an appeal to people’s sympathetic side.

It was based on the 
announcement the deceased had no ‘immediate family’, yet he had a brother, nephew and other relatives attending.

His wartime duty involved the air force and D Day, but would there be the same response if, for instance, the person who died with no immediate family, had served his country by having no option but to become a Bevin Boy, 2,000 feet down a coal mine with its inherent life-threatening dangers? I think not!

Neil Kendall

South Shore


Health awards success

Well done

We had a fabulous evening at the Health Awards ceremony held at the Imperial Hotel, and met so many past friends, acquaintances, Rotarians, 
Masons and of course the winners and recommended nominees.

Congratulations to all winners and nominees. Thanks to nominators, too. The atmosphere was convivial with good food, entertainment and company. Also, to be asked to present the winner of the Physical Therapy Award, and May winning the flower arrangement donated by our usual florist Jacqui, from The Flower Barrow Shop in Poulton, was the icing on the cake, so to speak. Thanks must go to Lisa, Gazette staff and all others who made the evening a success.

Finally, this really speaks very highly of The Gazette which gives importance to health care workers in the community.

Ramesh and May Gandhi

(By email)

Worse than Magaluf

Town centre

I am writing to endorse comments by Coun Tony Williams regarding Blackpool town centre.

Having worked in the town centre, I fully agree with his comments and concerns.

Behind the Tower on a weekend it is quite scary, with hordes of stags and hens with their rowdy behaviour and music thumping out of various establishments.

This is not what families want to see – people urinating in doorways and using bad language. I think even Mr Manuel Onieva would be disgusted by the state of our town centre.

In case readers are wondering who he is, he is the mayor of Magaluf.

Return Blackpool’s nightlife scene to its family-orientated origins.

Carl Barratt

Ribble Road