Letters - July 16, 2013

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Coroner’s retirement


On the occasion of her retirement may I personally, and I am sure on behalf of many, many Blackpool residents, express appreciation for the services of the Coroner, Anne Hind, over the past 10 years.

Few could aspire to follow in the footsteps of the late John Budd and Sammy Lee but she succeeded in no small measure.

Like so many, I came into contact with her department at a time of great grief.

While carrying out their formal duties, she and her officers could not have acted with more care, compassion and understanding.

With so many public services focussed on completing standard procedures at the convenience of the provider, it was a massive relief, at a time of great stress, to find one dedicated to the user.

Just as the buck rests at the top, so does the credit, and Anne Hind deserves to be remembered as an exemplary public servant.

Richard Hook

Devonshire Road


Nuisance phone calls

11 in one day

Something should be done about unwanted calls.

Yesterday, we had more than 11.

Luckily we have bought a phone that picks up and tells the caller there is nobody in, and we know when the phone is put down at the other end.

I feel sorry for those people who aren’t nimble.

They struggle to get to the phone only to discover it’s not family or friends calling.

The other week it was 7.30pm before they stopped.

If you can afford it, buy one of these phones.

You can still get pestered, but if family or friends are aware of the problem, they will know to speak and then you can pick up and converse.

Mrs Norma Gerrard

Cresswood Avenue


Poulton market hall

Set to close

Monday, July 22 will see the end of a once thriving 
shopping centre, where all the businesses became like a family under one roof.

All these lovely people at Poulton Market Hall worked so hard to build their businesses up over the years and were settled and making a living and enjoying giving a wonderful service to the public.

Then Dransfield Properties took over with underlying plans of their own for the future, which were supported by all the businesses in the Market Hall through petitions and oratory over a long period, before they were then cast aside and given six months notice to quit out of the blue.

An absolutely reprehensible way to treat people who had been so loyal to them.

The council’s lack of 
support for these businesses has also been 
disgraceful and I hope that it won’t be forgotten by the thousands of people who signed the petitions to keep the Market Hall open, when these councillors come up for re-election.

Fortunately most of the businesses have found other premises within the Poulton town centre, but with increased overheads and reduced footfall, will they all be able to survive?

Thousands of people who have been frequent visitors and shoppers to the Market Hall for many years will all, I’m sure, come next Saturday, be desperately sad and upset to see the last day of trading by the few businesses that are left, before they too have to move on.

How desperately sad that it has been allowed to come to this, but come to this it has, so can I, along with thousands of other shoppers I’m sure, say thank you for all the wonderful service, friendship and warmth you have shown to us over the years.

Good luck, God Bless and all the good fortune and success you deserve in the future.

Jack Forshaw

Sower Carr Lane


Bernie Nolan

A real star

I was, like many other people, deeply saddened by the news of Bernie Nolan losing her brave battle with cancer.

You fought it so bravely with strength and courage.

You were a beautiful lady with a lovely voice who entertained many audiences with your multiple talents, for that your fans will always miss you dearly.

A star of the entertainment world, but most importantly a loving mother.

Goodnight, God Bless Bernie RIP.

Always in our hearts.

Carl Barratt

Ribble Road


Care home thanks

Dignity given

May I thank Nightingale’s Care Home.

Twelve months ago my wife, suffering from dementia, was taken into care at Nightingale’s. Sadly she passed away on June 29.

During her time in care, she received dignity, love and respect.

Our family would like to thank the matron Jackie, community manager Liz, community carer June, unit manager Jayne, Sue, Beena, Louise and all the staff.