Letters - July 15, 2013

Blackpool  trams.
Blackpool trams.
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Transport costs

OAP travel

Further to the report and editorial in The Gazette (July 11), of course 
Blackpool Council should remain in budget for 
transport costs.

One of the ways to reduce costs would indeed be to charge pensioners with other than Lancashire/Blackpool passes to ride on the trams.

Technically the country wide free service only applies to buses and also, at least technically, pensioners other than Greater Manchester pass holders are not allowed free travel on their Metrolink tram network.

Incidentally they can travel free on railway services within the Greater Manchester area also.

So Lancashire pass holders get fewer perks than others in most parts of the country.

Even free travel on the Knott End ferry has been withdrawn.

In London, for example, London passes may also be used for free travel on the underground and I understand they can get their passes still at age 60.

I am sure the fact other pass holders can’t travel free on the underground doesn’t affect visitor numbers.

Neither would it in 
Blackpool with the trams. Witness when there were no trams for several months 

Visitors piled on to the Number 1 bus and, in my view would do so again.

Visitor numbers would not be affected.

Michael J Antrobus

Grizedale Avenue


Town leaders

In a bubble?

What has happened with our leadership in Blackpool?

Coun Simon Blackburn must live in his own bubble if he seriously thinks the Promenade is fine and the rest of the town is hunky dory.

For a start you are lucky to get into town with all of the road works going on in all of the key roads.

If locals can’t get in how are holiday makers meant to?

If somehow you do 
manage to get here you then run the gauntlet of beggars, folks openly drinking in the street, and drunks.

I don’t know about an EMRO (Early Morning Restriction Order) for the night-time economy, they should be looking at getting the day time sorted first.

And talking about EMROs, what is Chief Superintendent Richard Debicki on, trying to close Basil Newby down (Gazette, July 6).

This guy is the best thing that has happened to Blackpool.

Thirty two years running his venues and he is treated like this. It’s outrageous!

See what happens to Dickson Road and all the businesses round there when he’s gone.

Stephen Nattrass

Kiln Lane


Tuesday group


It was privileged to see the final show performed by the Tuesday Group of New Central Methodist Church in Adelaide Street West.

It was its usual brilliance, but for me, the ‘’Follow The Band’’ was the highlight of the show.

And here I must praise the Sunday school children who took part, not only in that, but in the various other acts.

After 50 years of shows, the group has now retired and their members are taking a well deserved rest.

But who knows? Strange things can happen.

My thanks go to them from me for 16 years of great shows, and in particular to Mrs Shirley Russell who was both producer and choreographer.

Enjoy your retirement Tuesday Group.

Ron Atkinson


Richard the great

No illusion

I recently attended Beyond Believe at the Horseshoe Bar starring master illusionist
Richard De Vere.

The show was amazing, comprising a mix of astounding illusions and breathtaking songs from vocalist Marc Lawlor alongside an array of comedy, dance and an appearance from canine superstar Schonorbitz.

Beyond Believe has something for everyone and is suitable for all ages.

I would recommend it to anyone either residing or visiting Blackpool this summer.

I would like to say a big thank you to the cast for a superb evening.


(address supplied)

Debate all local issues

Not just dogs

Attending a local meeting, I was looking forward to getting some answers to problems around Bispham.

We settled down in our seats and waited for the councillor to start the debate.

One hour after it was finished and do you know the subject, I still can’t believe this, dog poo.

I haven’t even got a dog, and they must have paid quite a lot of money for the hall.

What a waste. One old couple put their hand up to say they had taken their rubbish to the tip and hadn’t noticed a very small piece of concrete on top of one of the bags, they were fined £5.

They were just ignored.

Margaret Crawford

Ashfield Road