Letters - July 15, 2011

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IT is an added bonus to find out that the upmarket Pizza Express is opening a branch opposite the Winter Gardens in St John’s Square.

It will really bring the town up to a better standard.With the millions being spent on the Winter Gardens and the adjoining complex, it is particularly encouraging to see what this magnificent regeneration is bringing to this part of the town centre.

Blackpool Council and Merlin have to be applauded for this.

However, whoever is responsible for the marketing and the promoting of the Winter Gardens and the Opera House needs to get a reality check.

Such a gloriously restored building and complex is a pleasure to look at, until you feast your eyes on the atrocious, cheap-looking advertising display promoting Roy Chubby Brown for a few dates in the summer.

As far as improving the image of the town, this, I’m afraid, is a case of taking two steps forward and 100 back.

The marketing team of this venue may like to know that the vast majority of educated and respectable citizens of this land would not cross the street to see this offensive act. Out of all the productions this venue is showing throughout the year in this town, is this the best they can come up with for a major front of house display, in a key tourist location in the town centre?

For every person this act attracts to the town, the image of such a performer probably drives thousands away. It does not make any commercial sense to market the town and Winter Gardens in this way, especially when you see the diversity and quality of productions that would be available to present at this venue.

I pass by this image on a daily basis, and quite frankly it just makes me cringe in disgust.

Please get your act together, Winter Gardens, and at least take a look a few metres down the road and see how beautifully presented the Grand Theatre is.


Howard Street


WE are a local community centre in Blackpool, and have been very fortunate in having our minibus refurbished and returned to us like new in the last month.

We do various pick-ups in Fleetwood on a Monday and Friday, to bring our elderly clients to the centre for lunch and social days.

We would like to ask if there are any drivers out there who would like to volunteer some time to drive our minibus. If we could get a few drivers to volunteer, it would also help us to run day trips. If there are any over 50s who would like to join our clubs, then please get in touch with us.

There is no need to sit at home and be lonely, just make the first move by picking up the phone, and a whole new life could start with that one phone call.

Any volunteer drivers can contact either Cathy or Joe on 01253 299306, and if you would like to join our clubs please ring for more information.


Claremont First Steps Community Centre

WHEN will a halt be called to the pouring of public money down the drain which is the Carnesky Ghost Train?

The capital and revenue costs squandered on this lossmaker must now exceed £1 million, yet as I drove past the ‘attraction’ this week it is covered in scaffolding.

No doubt a fresh coat of paint is being applied. That is sure to attract the missing customers – not.

It certainly won’t cover up the folly of Coun Maxine Callow, who continued to foist this white elephant on the town when she was portfolio holder for tourism. What has the total cost been to date?


South Promenade

Lytham St Annes