Letters - July 14, 2014

MONEY TRAIN? One reader says high speed rail is vital in an advanced economy, while one MEP who has objected to the idea might well understand the concept of a gravy train
MONEY TRAIN? One reader says high speed rail is vital in an advanced economy, while one MEP who has objected to the idea might well understand the concept of a gravy train
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High speed rail

High speed is norm in most countries

A letter from Euro MP Paul Nuttall (Your Say, July 8) stated the proposed High Speed Rail from London to the Midlands then later, to the north is in his opinion a white elephant.

His objection to the scheme is the cost and the salaries executives charged with delivering the project will earn, will be higher than the Prime Minister’s pay packet.

Firstly, High Speed trains operate in many, if not most countries with an 
advanced economy.

Easy efficient communication is vital.

They were all costly but if one were to abandon a scheme purely on cost there would be no progress on anything.

His letter suggested the council workers now unemployed (due to the cut in Government grants to councils) will not be pleased at salaries paid to executives who will be in charge of developing the new high speed trains.

Perhaps many will look forward to the employment opportunities such a major scheme will offer.

Everyone should be paid their worth. However it is the Government’s role to ensure the total cost of the project is contained within budget and the right people possessing the right skills are in charge.

Paul Nuttall suggested it will be a gravy train.

However, being a UKIP MEP he will understand the meaning of that phrase for he and other UKIP MEPs do not earn the salary they are paid, for they do not attend or take part in the parliament.

Mr Nuttall, on BBCTV Question Time, admitted his salary was £81,000 plus attendance allowances, which the MEP stated he doesn’t often receive because he doesn’t attend!

In fact, his latest attendance record is 736th out of 751 MEPs.

The Independent newspaper recently stated his earnings over four years were £623,067.38.

Readers will conclude he does not earn the salary he receives and perhaps think he is on a gravy train.

Jack Croysdill.

Chairman Blackpool North/Cleveleys Labour Party


Save our National Health Service

Lorraine Beavers’ article (Politically Correct) on the National Health Service is poignant and heart rending, as she shows the true side of the coalition Government’s efforts to dismantle our public owned Health Service which has (unless you are a republican from America) provided the best health service inthe world. That is, of course, until last year when the Government passed the Health and Social Care Act, which has effectively ushered in private healthcare companies to run the NHS. The act gives them tendering rights to bid for the many services that we have enjoyed free at the point of need for more than 60 years.

Since the Labour Government brought in the NHS after the Second World War we have enjoyed free health care that for many in the pre-­war years was unobtainable.

That is why with a group of dedicated local people we have joined in the national ‘Save the Health Service campaign’ with 38 degrees to help understand the process of tendering and commercial profits that private companies will make out of our health care system paid for through our taxes.

While we wait for the next general election, less than a year away, we will see more hospitals sold off, with more services turned over to private practise with insurance companies making profit out of our health service that we will soon no longer own. What the Labour party need to state clearly now is how they will repeal the Social Care Act without incurring costs with the private sector, if they are sure they can reverse the intent of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Government to sell off the NHS.

We want to see the act repealed without cost to the public purse, thus restoring the Secretary of State’s duty to provide health services formerly contained in the National Health Service acts over the years.

Marjorie Nye

Knowle Avenue


Less rhetoric on tram pass row

I wish Coun Lorraine Beavers (Politically Correct, July 9) would put the interests of Wyre residents before her need to slavishly follow her Labour bosses at County Hall.

The County Council are the highways authority not Wyre and therefore they 
receive a Government grant for this function.

If I asked LCC to fund a Wyre function I know what answer I would receive and I wonder what other LCC responsibilities Coun Beavers would like Wyre to take over.

Wyre Council taxpayers already pay massively to fund LCC so asking them to pay again is simply not fair.

She keeps saying I should put my money where my mouth is but doesn’t understand it is not my money it is taxpayers’ money – there again, Labour has never understood this.

There is no funding in the Wyre budget for providing NOW cards on the trams and interestingly at the budget meeting this year Labour did notpropose this because that would have meant making choices.

They would have to either increase the Council Tax (which they seem to like doing) or cut services.

So which is it Coun Beavers – cutting the services for which Wyre is responsible or increasing the tax burden on our residents?

Knowing Labour the answer would probably be both!

However, until she can answer this question, residents will see Coun Beavers’ rhetoric as political posturing and not a realistic solution to having LCC fund their responsibilities.

Coun Peter Gibson

Leader Wyre Council

Animal aid

Catman could do me a favour...

What fantastic news (Gazette July 11.) “Catman” claims he can help solve feline behaviour problems.

Louis Denyer claims to be able to speak fluent cat after years studying the animals.

He is now offering his services to help the owners of problem cats by setting up his own feline behaviour business.

Well, I’ve got three cats. They are not actually mine, but they use my garden as a toilet.

I don’t know their names but I’m sure Louis will have a word.

One’s black and white, one’s black and one’s grey.

I’m wondering if Louis “The Cat Whisperer” could have a whisper in their ears and ask them to desist their disgusting behaviour.

I will pay him £5 per cat with a bonus of £25 if he can keep my garden cat-poo free for a week.

PS. Before all the animal lovers nutters start complaining: “It’s only natural etc etc”, I’ve tried repellant powders, pellets, liquids, garlic salt, black pepper, white pepper, shredded orange and lemon peel, buckets of water, hose pipes and even resorted to foul and abusive language (In “Cat” of course), but all to no avail.

Mike Picewicz

Warbreck Hill Road


Bring back our old trams and chairs

I would like to say I totally agree with James Davies (Your Say).

Bring back the old trams, the ones visitors come to see and ride on, not these new things. They are not proper trams; use the new ones in winter but run the old ones in the season for the visitors .

Another thing Blackpool Council could do is get some deck chairs for visitors to sit in the sunshine on the prom or on the beach it might make Blackpool more like a holiday resort.

I’m sure they could find some for sale some where.

Wilf Greaves

Epping Close, Bispham