Letters - July 13, 2015

Re-opening of New Market on Waterloo Road
Re-opening of New Market on Waterloo Road
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Market can help revitalise street

I read Andy Mitchell’s column on his and a friend’s journey to the latter’s old stamping ground – Waterloo Road – and can confirm many findings as I lived in the area way back when (Gazette, July 8).

It isn’t just Waterloo Road that has lost its way as a thoroughfare – adjacent Bond Street is even more in the doldrums. It has umpteen cafes, most of them closed in early afternoons.

The two roads once boasted three cinemas – Rendez-vous, Waterloo and Palladium – all gone (leaving only one cinema in the whole town – but that’s another story!) I don’t agree Waterloo Road’s junction with the promenade is like a tiny alleyway – it is quite a wide opening, inviting traffic, but one-way system prevents that and should be reversed.

No one knows why the giant Post Office building has stood like an empty monolith for years – and though the road has lost its Woolworths etc, thank God it has a magnet in Iceland, and hopefully its many customers will wander a few yards to patronize the brilliant New Market that aims to revitalise Waterloo Road.

Neil Kendall

Stamford Avenue



EU cannot stop us going for nuclear

At this moment, Britain is in the process of closing down coal-fired power stations, gas-fired power stations and old nuclear facilities to fulfill its emissions obligations. So much so, that the country is getting perilously close to, or may have passed the point where it will not be able to supply all customers on very cold winters nights.

The government, in cooperation with EDF, has seen this problem looming and is building nuclear capacity at Hinckley Point in Somerset, to replace this lost capacity, and keep the lights on.

Imagine my horror when I read of the Austrian government lodging an appeal with the European Court of Justice against our government providing state aid for Hinckley Point.

Whatever you think of the pros and cons of power generation, the European Union has gone too far when any member state can delay, or stop spending, that will directly affect the commercial viability of our economy, with all it will entail for our business and social wellbeing.

Gordon McCann



Ex-servicemen help raise charity cash

I am writing to see if you could mention a thank-you for 1 Queens Lancashire regiment, who recently had a reunion in Blackpool.

I had a collection tin for Combat Stress, and raised £223.87p at this event.

My tin was empty when I started and full at the end of collection at this event.

A few people organise this every year and many ex-soldiers enjoy this event to catch up on old times, Northern Ireland tours, and so on.

Mrs M Fuller



Helping people cope with polio’s effects

The British Polio Fellowship is committed to supporting and empowering thousands of people in the UK living with the late effects of Polio and Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) with guidance and advice.

The fact is more can be done on raising awareness on PPS, and as July is British Polio Month, I would call on your readers to help us raise awareness of PPS and educate the public on the effects of a condition that affects around 120,000 people in this country.

PPS and the late effects of Polio impact on around the same number of people as Motor Neurone disease or Parkinson’s, yet the condition remains little known amongst the public or medical professions.

The British Polio Fellowship survives thanks to the generosity of the public, but the aim of this month is awareness raising and helping those affected by Polio and PPS, by sending out the message that there is help available.

In the past individuals have enthusiastically skydived, rode bikes and ran marathons to help us raise fund and promote awareness and we welcome all efforts large or small. However, if you are one of those who needs our support, you can call us on 0800 0431935.

Our website, at www.britishpolio.org.uk, has lots of advice for those living with the late effects of Polio or PPS.

Ted Hill MBE

CEO, The British Polio Fellowship