Letters - July 13, 2012

Snow Weather in Blackpool.  Cold.  Pictured is postman David Mitchinson
Snow Weather in Blackpool. Cold. Pictured is postman David Mitchinson
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THERE have been a lot of stories about people who do good in this world and end up getting a medal or reward of some kind, and I’m all for that, but there is one person who never gets mentioned.

They walk in the snow, rain, wind, sometimes absolutely drenched but they have a duty to do, no matter what obstacle gets in their way, and this duty has been going on for at least 100 years.

I’m talking about our posties who deserve some sort of recognition.

They’ve got to get the letter in the box no matter what. They deserve a reward.


Ashfield Road


WOULD it not be a good idea to erect a stage on Central Car Park and have concerts performed there?

This would save a lot of problems with weather and also disruption of traffic on the Promenade.

The car park would accommodate a lot more people, and provide access to the toilets.

Cars could be moved to the Lonsdale coach station, which is hardly ever used.

If Central Car Park is good enough for the Illuminations switch-on, it is the ideal place for concerts. Who knows, we may even have the wonderful Andre Rieu’s Johann Strauss Orchestral concerts performing in Blackpool.

Come on Blackpool Council, get your finger out.


ON a recent day out to Blackpool I was amazed at the number of pigeons in the town centre.

The birds are a real nuisance.

People who feed these flying rats should be fined for littering the streets.



I AM writing to readers to encourage you to take a leaf out of my book by clearing your shelves for the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) BIG Entertainment Appeal this July.

There’s nothing better than a good clear out, and I found some real gems that I love in my entertainment collection including my Queen CDs, romance novels and thrillers.

I would love to see people from the Fylde coast joining in, having a clear-out and donating items they’ve fallen out of love with to BHF shops.

BHF shops have a target of generating good quality books, CDs and DVDs throughout July which will help in the fight against heart disease – the UK’s biggest killer.

Last year, BHF shops raised more than £31m helped by the sale of second-hand items, so your items really do make a difference.

For more details on The BIG Entertainment Appeal and to locate your nearest BHF shop visit bhf.org.uk/entertainment or call 0844 412 5000.


c/o BHF


LIKE Ken Bainbridge, the pensioner who loves holidaying in Blackpool (Gazette July 5), I have loved the resort since my childhood.

Then, many years later, I took my two children, who also love it. In fact my son, when he was in the forces in sunny climates, always wrote that it was nice, but not like Blackpool.

Now, at 76, I visit at least twice a year on my own.

I stay at the Allendale Hotel, a small, friendly hotel where I am made welcome every time, and always make new friends.

I love everything about Blackpool and what it has to offer. I can’t wait for my next trip as I get so excited, like a big kid.