Letters - July 12

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THE Wyre residents forum has, in the past, been organised by the Local Strategic Partnership, and I understand that attendances at all the forums have dropped significantly in the past year.

When funds are tight it is only common sense to balance whether things offer value for money, and the current forum set-up is one of the areas where things could be done differently, to better effect.

There are proactive groups in each of the Wyre towns, and the people who have seen a benefit in the forum meetings would be welcome at each of them.

Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group has already discussed the forum issue, and we are more than happy to welcome anyone who wants to play an active and fulfilling role in the community.

We are certainly very well supported by the local agencies, and have excellent links with the police, Wyre and Lancashire County Councils, and other public sector agencies, who are always willing to help us where they can.

I am sure where there is a high demand for the forums, for example in Poulton, Wyre Council would be only too pleased to help to create a constituted group which can forge forwards on its own, to create even bigger achievements than when a public body is the co-ordinator.

There has been a clear choice here – use resources to hold meetings or use resources to improve neighbourhoods. Wyre Council has chosen the latter, and I agree with it.


Chair of Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group

I HAVE attended the town forums regularly.

I don’t say a lot, but listen carefully to all of the presentations, questions and discussion. These meetings offer an unrivalled source of information and the opportunity to “understand the feeling of the meeting” as Quakers say.

I well appreciate the need to cut public expenditure, but these meetings occur as deemed necessary, perhaps three times a year, in five or six centres, and can hardly be deemed an extravagance.

They are among the few opportunities available for local government to assess public attitudes in the raw, and also to speak to the public and be questioned by us face to face.

Of course, the reception is not always friendly, but it is frank. Perhaps the powers-that-be are happy with the opportunity to silence these expressions of public feeling, and to pursue their business in undisturbed tranquillity.


Derby Road


WE have lived in our road for 30 years. Now we have a new EON spotlight on our house.

It is right outside the bedroom windows, so the house is all lit up.

Drunks running about our road threw a beer can, and have smashed our large stained glass window. Bring back the old street lighting.


I HAVE just received my second letter from the NHS Blackpool Teaching Hospital requesting my views on recent treatment.

What a waste of taxpayers’ money at a time of severe cuts. People are dying for lack of funds, yet millions are wasted on surveys.


Lincoln Road