Letters - July 11, 2013

ANGRY REACTION Campaigners fought against plans for a hotel on the former site of Fleetwood Pier
ANGRY REACTION Campaigners fought against plans for a hotel on the former site of Fleetwood Pier
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Fleetwood pier battle

No surprise

Fleetwood people should not really be surprised by the Wyre Council planning decision to allow a hotel to be built on the old pier site (Gazette, July 4).

It is merely the shameful conclusion to the entire shabby saga since the pier burnt down.

It is yet another example of the continuous contempt in which our town has been regarded ever since Wyre Borough came into being.

Ted Heath has a lot to answer for! But Heath has long gone and so have many of Fleetwood’s best assets.

Our lovely town has been neglected and its people’s wishes ignored.

The main reason for this treatment is that since the devastating 1977 flood, Fleetwood people have shown no truck for the ruling Conservatives, who know little about Fleetwood, and care even less.

This, in fact, is our punishment for making Fleetwood a Tory-free zone.

I hope there may still be some way of overturning this crazy decision, but in the sad event that the hotel is allowed to be built, I have one final suggestion.

The next time that there is a 33 foot tide and a force 10 gale, the nine councillors who voted in favour of the hotel ought to be obliged to spend a night in that hotel.

That should prove a salutary lesson.

Dave Wright

Mount Street


Prom congestion

Ban horses

When the experts (Ove Arup – simply one of the biggest and most respected international firm of civil engineers ) refer to talk of Promenade congestion having increased as anecdotal there is no reason to question that comment.

Blackpool Promenade or the ‘Golden Mile’ has always been congested, much more so when Blackpool catered for many more visitors than we do today.

Promenade congestion should be a measure of the town’s success.

To go back to four lanes would certainly increase traffic speed to the disadvantage of people on foot, largely our visitors, for whom the Promenade is surely just that – a place to walk in safety .

Congestion could be improved by banning vans which service the stalls from stopping to offload in peak periods and ending the reign of those smelly, very slow and unovertakeable horses.

To do those two things would make a difference.

And it wouldn’t cost very much at all.

David Owen



Bernie Nolan

Sad time

I’m writing as I was very sorry to hear about the death of Bernie Nolan.

I send my condolences to all the Nolan family.

I have a lot of happy memories of Bernie Nolan and all the Nolan family.

I remember seeing them on stage in the 1980s and at the Grand Theatre in the 1990s and what a great group they were.

My prayers are with all the Nolan family at this sad time and I hope they’re all keeping strong.

Let’s keep Bernie in out hearts forever, never let her be forgotten.

She was such a lovely person.

I wish all the Nolans all the very best for the future.

Dot Ord

Thornton Gate


RSPCA break in

Catch them

I was saddened to read of the break-in at the RSPCA shop on Talbot Road (Gazette, July 10).

How can anyone stoop so low as to target a charity, particularly one that is trying to help animals. I hope the police catch the perpertrators before other charities suffer too.

These people must be punished.

name and address supplied

Open top trams

Cool travel

Monday and Tuesday continued with stunning hot weather and blazing sunshine and a very busy Promenade.

But gone are the days of the showmen tramway 
managers like Walter Luff and Joe Franklin and what are we left with?

A nondescript service without any flare whatsoever!

Blackpool isn’t Croydon, Nottingham or Sheffield with its LRT trams – we are the country’s leading holiday 
resort but regretably that has been lost on the present 
operators of the one-size fits all operators of our famous trams.

We must be enjoying the best summer weather for years and in the days of those showmen all the boat-trams and 
open-top double deckers would be plying for trade, but alas not any more.

Yes I know it’s so easy to trot out the legislation again (which I believe doesn’t come in until 2016).

Yawn here comes another Flexity2 which is so hot inside – not even one little boat out.

What a shame.

Let’s get the showman quality into Blackpool again.

Let’s bring out in this 
glorious weather those trams which will have the visitors flocking to ride to feel a refreshing cool breeze.

There aren’t many days like this!

Bob Milner

Melville Road