Letters - July 10, 2014

Rod Stewart concert at Blackpool FC's Bloomfield Road ground.
Rod Stewart concert at Blackpool FC's Bloomfield Road ground.
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Music venues needed

Rod showed way

I was absolutely delighted to see the Rod Stewart concert at Bloomfield Road was a roaring success and I strongly commend Cuffe and Taylor for putting on a world-class show.

It really does show Blackpool can host the big names of music and do it well, I hope this concert is just the first of many to come.

As I have stated previously in this newspaper I am a strong supporter of bringing a large indoor arena to Blackpool, I feel this would be a real asset to the town and really put us on the global stage.

However, on another note ,I would also like to see more smaller live music venues in Blackpool something we are seriously lacking.

Last week I attended a rock festival at the legendary Knebworth House and had the pleasure of watching many fantastic bands from rock superstars through to up-and-coming bands, including many homegrown acts, but sadly we will never see many of these in Blackpool due to the lack of a suitable venue. What Blackpool needs is a dedicated venue in the vein of the Manchester Academy or 53 Degrees in 
Preston. This would bring more live bands into Blackpool and, even more importantly, could act as a springboard for the careers of local artists.

Venues such as the Grand Theatre and the Winter Gardens are great assets but they are not suitable venues for the vast majority of modern bands who prefer the purpose-built and well-equipped venues of places such as Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

Councillor Christian Cox

(Squires Gate Ward)

Sawley Avenue, 
South Shore

Venue opportunity

Time to rock out!

Now that Preston’s 53 Degrees is set to stop putting on live bands and music acts, there is a gaping hole that could be filled by Blackpool. Surely someone somewhere could come up with a suitable mid-sized venue?

Joe Atkinson.

Albert Street, 

Well done Jacqui

Mysterious art

Thank goodness for Jacqui Morley!!

I write on behalf of Kensington Foundation who,as part of its work, operates the Daisychain Project on 
Highfield Road, Blackpool.These apartments offer respite breaks to poorly children and their families all the year round.

One of the things we do to try to help them during their stay is to put together a welcome box containing, amongst other things, suggestions of places to visit which they may find 

We have always tried to include the Grundy Art Gallery, however on receipt of the April leaflet I wrote to the curator as I felt that the leaflet advertising the Puppet Show was very dark and certainly not child friendly, and I thought he may be interested in some feedback. I was mistaken, as my letter was not even acknowledged.

When we received the latest leaflet for the post vegetal cosmorama,I thought I would just give up and reconcile myself to the fact that it must be me, and then I read Jacqui’s opinion on this latest offering and was so relieved.

I have met Jaqui Morley on the occasions when she has written articles about our charity, and I am a great admirer of her work and her down to earth approach to life.

I would like to extend my thanks to her for her comments on the cosmorama.

On this occasion I will not be writing to the Grundy, as there seems little point if feedback offered in good faith is not even acknowledged, however I wish them success in what they are trying to do.

I just do not understand it!

Julia Seaton

General Manager

Kensington Foundation

Politics off the rails

Sort tram situation

Well, it would seem that some people in Cleveleys and Fleetwood cannot now use the trams free – limited solely by the boundary.

This weekend a politician called to ask me to sign a petition about this issue and I told him off.

It is the politicians and councillors themselves that have caused this problem, so I told him where to go.

Both sides are at it, Labour and the Conservatives blaming each other. It was them that created it so in reality it is the politicians against the public.

The various politicians should get is sorted out between themselves and serve the public.

The sad thing is that the new tram system was put in place with lots of disruption to both towns with the prime design so that disabled wheelchair access and older pensioners could get on and off the trams more easily.

The shops in Fleetwood and Cleveleys have now fewer local visitors from Blackpool and Blackpool gets fewer from this end.

Bring back the good old days when unpaid people sorted out our council problems for the benefit of all and not just playing at politics.

John Hudson.

Westbourne Road,